Movie Review: Karachi Se Lahore is a fun-filled laughter ride with a few bumps!

#KarachiSeLahore is another comedy flick from back to back line-ups from Pakistani cinema, directed and produced by Wajahat Rauf while the screenplay has been written by Yasir Hussain.

Credits: Karachi Se Lahore Facebook Page

Credits: Karachi Se Lahore Facebook Page

The story kicks off with the introduction of Zaeem (Shehzad Shaikh) and Maryam (Ayesha Omar) who are neighbours and do what neighbours do, fight on stupid things.

Shehzad Shaikh (Zaeem) is seen living alone in the apartment with no discussion regarding his family. He is playing role of a banker at HBL (too much branding, as expected) and is clearly not happy with this current situation. There was nothing regarding his acting on a big picture which impressed me. Being the lead in the film, Shehzad surely missed the right notes.

Ayesha Omar (Maryam), on the other hand, is seen playing role of Javed Shaikh’s (Tiwana’s) daughter who also has a younger sibling Zeezo (played by Aashir Wajahat) who is too cool for a younger brother (Can i adopt him?!). No other information has been provided apart from the fact she is single and quite cranky. The makers of this movie have tried too hard to show her as a laid back lazy stubborn tom-boyish girl as she swears and watched cricket (as if normal girls don’t do that). Also, if she’s that much of a tom-boy, what’s with the hot pink shalwar kameez, bro? Make up your mind! Her role in the entire movie is more of a supporting cast and not of the female lead.

Eshita Syed (Ayesha whose parents are seen no-where in the movie, not even at her own wedding) played role of Zaeem’s girlfriend who has decided to take her life seriously and instead of waiting for Zaeem to get things right, she is off to Lahore to marry her Canadian-returned cousin (who speaks with a horrible accent). This is where the story begins.

Zaeem with the help of Maryam and his 2 friends decides to go to Lahore and become a wedding crasher. These 2 friends are Yasir Hussain who is playing Moti’s role who stammers and almost always give brilliant ideas despite not being taken seriously most of the time; and Ahmed Ali who plays Sam’s role who tries to impress ladies with his not-so-charming personality. Sam is a heart throb and he is filling the need of appropriate number of characters for a movie while Moti is somebody who will help this movie win an award. No, not exaggerating. Yasir (Moti) has acted brilliantly in the entire movie. Not one of his dialogues and punch lines were out of place. There was never a dull moment or a time when Moti failed to make the audience laugh. The entire cinema was applauding throughout the movie and the credit goes to Yasir Hussain. For me, he was the star of the show. Other characters were pretty weak, you will know what I am talking about once you watch the movie. I would surely watch it 5 more time for Yasir’s acting only.

The views and locations are really outstanding, however I would have loved had they shown some more of scenic views keeping in mind, it’s a road-trip from Karachi to Lahore. You can’t help noticing too much Cornetto & HBL branding which would make you lose control and throw something at the screen, let’s just keep our cool for this one. After all, the brands must have spent a huge chunk from their Marketing budget.


The item number by Ayesha Omar “Tutti Frutti” is a hit and the tune is quite catchy. It is our very local version of “Baby Doll”.  “Aaja Rey” is another melodious track and very much liked by the audience. “Rabbi Ralli”, another item number featuring Mantahaa Maqsood as Javed Sheikh’s crush in the movie is not to be missed if you love listening to up-beat desi numbers. Or if you are more on the typical desi side when it comes to favorite music, then just try listening to “Lahoriya” two, three times and tell me if you are not hooked to the beat! Noori, Shiraz Uppal & Sur Darvesh have done brilliant job with the music. I have already added a few songs in my playlist. It’s always a feast to finally get some pleasing music especially when it’s production of your very own industry.

Overall, the entire movie was a fun ride. Despite being low on budget for the premiere and limiting the invite list, with mismanaged Digital PR, this movie did the magic. After Na Maloom Afraad, this movie stood out the most for me as compared to all the recent releases. Got to give that to Wajahat and Yasir! Two thumbs up in the end for Yasir for the brilliant script and such fine acting I have seen after a long time. Karachi Se Lahore is a must watch if you want a heavy dose of laughter. It’s a total paisa wasool.



Music 4/5

Eye Candy 3/5

Direction 4/5

Overall 4.5/5

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