Movie Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Salman Khan at his best!

For the love of Salman Khan:

Since the day Movie was out, I have been yearning to go and see it. Being a Salmaniac (a Salman Khan fan as they put it), I just could not wait and get my tickets. Too much work post-Eid didn’t allow me to get some free time and check out the schedule. Before I could go and get some tickets, Rana Asif (Founder, The House of Rana) invited me to a private premiere which held at Atrium Malls on July 26th 2015. Needless to say, my excitement level was wayyy up the scale!

As a die-hard Salman Khan fan, he not only celebrates Sallu’s birthday every year from last 12 years but this time, he went a step ahead and threw a special screening for the most loved Bollywood star! Everything was well organized. Upon entrance, Aun (from Team THOR) received us at the entrance of the mall while a Red Carpet with the media gang was set-up at the ground floor. A lot of celebrities, media people and socialites who shared the love of Salman Khan were also spotted.

After meeting and greeting, we grabbed some coffee and headed to the cinema as the show was started right on-time.


About the movie:

Salman Khan (Pawan Kumar/Bajrangi Bhaijaan), Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Chand Nawab), Harshaali Malhotra (Munni) and Kareena Kapoor (Rasika) are simply fanstastic. Their combined acting skills were totally mind blowing.

The entire movie revolves around a Pakistani Munni who is lost in India and Bajrangi Bhaijaan who come to the rescue. But the story is not as simple as it sounds. Nothing can be simple when we are talking about these two neighboring countries. Chand Nawab is seeing as the exact same (infamous/funny) character of Pakistan whose video went viral on the internet. The clip has been adopted as it is and it will leave you laughing for a good 2-3 minutes.

Along with the usual drama, there are lots of emotional scenes. And I meant that in a good way! Majority of the audience in the cinema was teary-eyed and it was a feast to see that little girl Harshaali (Munni) acting so brilliantly. Her facial expressions and gestures were spot on. Despite being born with speech problem in the character, her acting took us by storm. I bet there was no one in the audience whose heart wasn’t melted by the bond between Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Munni.


Salman Khan, I believe, has outperformed himself. And I do not say it because I have been his huge fan since the day I started bolly flicks but he has truly done justice to the role.

My verdict:

I would totally recommend this movie. And the best part is, it was not just a one-time watch for me. I could totally watch it another 5 times!

Rating: 4/5


Here are some of the celebrities and media people spotted at the event:

Behroz Sabazwari

Behroz Sabazwari

Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani

Rana Asif (CEO THOR), Shehzad Sheikh & Huma Sheikh

Rana Asif (CEO THOR), Shehzad Sheikh & Huma Sheikh

Sadiya (myself) - Umair Yousuf Khan (Etrends) - Irfan ul Haq (Hip in Pakistan) - Muhammad Ahmed (Ebuzz)

Sadiya (myself) – Umair Yousuf Khan (Etrends) – Irfan ul Haq (Hip in Pakistan) – Muhammad Ahmed (Ebuzz)

Saira Yousuf

Saira Yousuf

Sarwat Gillani & Fahad Mirza

Sarwat Gillani & Fahad Mirza

Shehroze Sabzwari

Shehroze Sabzwari

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One response to “Movie Review: Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Salman Khan at his best!

  1. I am curious to know how do you determine rating for a movie? Is there a scale that you use to rate the performance of any movie? Looking forward to hear about it.


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