Olper’s was all about being a Meherbaan this Ramzaan!

Olper’s Meherbaan is a wonderfully planned and executed campaign which took place over the month of Ramzaan. The idea behind this well thought campaign was to make people more involved in community initiative.

The whole campaign worked out something like this:

On all the online platforms, Olper’s informed about a particular area their team will be visiting on a particular day to collect food items (which could be fruits, packed food items, bottled water/juices). Money was also accepted and used to buy the same stuff mentioned above. Of course, all the packs had Olper’s in them. 🙂

Then Olper’s team pack equal contribution of items in as many boxes as possible for the day. Once that is completed, they move on to designated areas (mostly slums and underdeveloped areas of the city – also called kachi abadis) to distribute the Olper’s Meherbaan box.

It was brilliant to witness how their on-ground team visited so many people while fasting and in such a scorching weather. Kudos to them for putting in such extra efforts!

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What role did digital media play in this community initiative, you ask?

Well, only few areas were selected initially to collect food items. This whole campaign idea and the updates were shared on Facebook and Twitter pages of Olper’s (Check #OlpersMeherbaan for updates regarding the same).

After getting amazing response from people, Olper’s opened the voting for areas where people asked them to visit. As per their popularity, next destinations for collections were selected. This increased the level of engagement and the spirit of contribution.

Next, an event page was also made and people checked in to showcase their support for the campaign. This further generated awareness and hence the multiplying affect took place.


It is important to mention, this campaign was only run in metros (KLI) this year and distribution was done to specific slum areas. As this was their first initiative of such sort, the idea and hard work is truly commendable! I am hoping they do come up with something bigger next year and touch more cities and spread more happiness around.


The results?

Realization to give back to the community. Cherishing the spirit of the holy month. And a lot of smiles. 🙂

Credits: Olpers Facebook Page

Credits: Olpers Facebook Page

I personally loved a very few Ramzaan campaigns due to their lack of emotional connectivity. This one, however, connected with us emotionally and did something for the community in return. Stay tuned to find out about other campaigns which i loved during Ramzaan! 🙂

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Happy Reading! 🙂

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