#WorldHeartDay: Take care of your heart.. literally!

Heart problems in our society has been increasing on an alarming rate. What is more astonishing is heart diseases and deaths due to heart stroke has been on a rise in Pakistan. According to AHA, on average someone dies of cardiovascular disease every 40 seconds. Cardiovascular disease is also the most common cause of death in the world. Over 17.5 million people die every year due to heart diseases. It is vital for people to know the importance of a healthy heart and thus reduce the risk of heart diseases.


If we look at it from a macro view, we will find out that cultural and lifestyle shifts have played vital role in our daily lives. Eating out especially grabbing fast food is our favorite past time. Even with our families, the only entertainment which we mostly restrict to is eating out. With technology came flexibility and ease of performing routine tasks although a major drawback is lack of physical activity. Everything gets done on finger tips and more so, you are connected 24×7 which means there is hardly any work-life balance. You are expected to stay on your toes and sometimes (or most of the times) stay late for work or work remotely. This pattern in result increase work stress which leads to overeating, increase in weight and many other additional issues which come along.

So when I heard about #ProjectDKL (or Project Dil Kay Liye), an initiative taken by Tabba Heart Institute, I wanted to get more involved by getting some awareness and tips on this topic. This initiative took place around the World Heart Day which is celebrated on 29th September. There were on-ground kiosks set up in different malls to involve people to educate about the importance of heart health. During the activation of #ProjectDKL at LuckyOne Mall, thousands of people were engaged in healthy activities and games. People were given several giveaways on answering a health-related quiz and playing healthy games.

A few tips to increase our heart health is to add fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for a healthy balanced diet and to add some physical activity in our daily routine. I have put up an informative thread here:

#ProjectDKL serves as a platform to create awareness about heart diseases encouraging people to focus on their heart’s well-being and keep it healthy and happy. It’s a brilliant initiative by Tabba Heart Institute and I hope our government also come up with such informative sessions around the major health related days so we can increase awareness among the general public.

For a healthy heart, switch to a healthier lifestyle through exercising, eating healthy, quitting smoking & getting regular medical check ups done. Try to reduce stress from your life and live happily.


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