Comedy Masala Returns with Season 4

Comedy Masala is going to showcase yet another set of shows with some new international stand up comedians. This is going to be their 4th Season of the series. I have been a regular at their shows and trust me, it only gets better! The best part about #ComedyMasala is that every time you get to experience new artists performing in front of live audience. These artists come from US, UK, Singapore, Australia, North America, Europe among other countries.

These guys have laid down foundations of bringing some brilliant international comedians to South & South East Asia. Here’s to hoping this initiative also help and grow our local comedy scene as well as benefit our entertainment industry in long run. It is definitely need of the hour to create that soft image of Pakistan and there’s no other way than inviting international performers so they can also witness the good side themselves. 🙂

So this time the line-up of the shows is something like this:

Ron is hilarious, and was RUSSELL PETERS Opening Act! Ron has featured on NBC, Showtime, Gotham Comedy Live  & Comedy Central.

Funny, insane & alumni of the Perth Fringe.

A 20+ year veteran in the industry, Markus has been featured on NETFLIX, BBC & Comedy Central. He was also voted as 2013 Top 10 Comedians by TIMEOUT Magazine, London.

4. Host: UMAR RANA (PAK)
Comedy Masala Founder and Pakistani Comedian (featured on Comedy Central Asia)


Sounds pretty good, right? Book your seats already! You can check more details regarding the upcoming show (timings/venue etc) here.

I will definitely be going to watch it probably on the first day, all thanks to Media Idee – who are the digital media partners for the event. So if you plan to watch it too, I’d suggest you book your seats at the earliest. They are also limited, like all the good things in life! 😉


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