Say yes to #LongHairGoals!

Last month Sunsilk launched its new shampoo variant which focuses on Long & Healthy Hair. They held a meet up at Blush Salon & Spa in which celebrities, bloggers and socialites were invited. It was an evening full of fun activities along with us giving a feel of long hair (extensions, extensions). Everyone looked so gorgeous that I wondered why people don’t keep long hair anymore which is basically why I had to write a blog today.

Believe it or not, I have been planning to get my hair shortened because I cannot take the mess anymore. The longer your hair gets, the thinner it gets. It starts looking so dull that I have been dreading to keep long hair for a while now. Even though I love long hair as you can experiment with so many hairstyles (isn’t that the fun part), I am always so indecisive. I am sure all the girls who love long hair would relate. Anyway, so I had made up my mind to get a haircut soon despite having #LongHairGoals but then I was lucky to be invited to spend the day with celebrities and fellow bloggers and try the new variant for Long & Healthy hair which has biotin in it (which btw helps in hair growth, it’s basically food for hair). We had the beauty experts in the house who further emphasized on the importance of Biotin and shared with us the benefits. In a nutshell, Bioton is type of a protein which helps in hair production and lack of it could give your hair a very dry and dull look.


Here is the after look of Anoushay, Areeba & Sarwat. I love how real the extensions are looking. Long hair really gives a boost to the personality and now we have a proof too. Let’s face it though. Extensions aren’t so pocket friendly and can’t be there 24×7. Therefore, this new variant comes into play. Now once I have used it, I can share my verdict. Apart from shampooing, there are a few other important things like weekly oiling your hair, masking your hair and giving it a hot towel treatment along with giving yourself nutritional food so it can help your hair grow and shine. 🙂

The session was quite informative and soon I made up my mind to get a trimming only (1-2 inches) for the dead hair and start using this new variant. I am still using it so I will be sharing the results after 3 months (this variant promises to grow 4 centimeters). Although, your food intake plays an equally important role so make sure you eat all the good fibre and protein to see some amazing results.

Have you guys seen the TVC yet? Here it is:

Isn’t the storyline relatable? Desi wedding functions call for a typical desi attire and that cannot be completed without long hair. We all try to go with different hair-do on all the functions of a wedding. Usually a braid is preferred on Mehndi, blow dried open hair on Shaadi and a bun updo on Reception. There are so many functions and each calls for a different style and dress! With long hair, you shine out the brightest when you give it your personal style. I really liked the TVC and how it depicts a slice of life so well.

Now my goal is to have healthy long hair by December because that’s my birth month and I want to enter 2018 with a new look. 😉


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