5 Things To Kill Monotony Because #LifeNeedsFlavor


Are you one of those people who get tired of routine too easily? If yes, then you will definitely relate to this article. I am someone who gets bored of monotony quite often. I always want some spark in life to keep going ahead. So here are a few things which I do to keep myself on track (and not die of boredom/same routine):

  1. Take a short break aka hibernation mode

    Not a 1 day or 2 days break and not even your annuals but I am talking about taking a week’s break to relax. You can plan a 2-3 days short trip to Gorakh Hills, Mubarak village etc or you can simply lazy around at your place. My brother calls it “recharging”. During your short break, you can grab a book you have been meaning to read or you can declutter your wardrobe. There are so many things you could do once you take a break from your work life.

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  2. Use your weekends wisely

    Plan a trip to beach or a farmhouse with family or friends, if you can’t get a week’s break. At least do something unusual on a weekend every month. Escape for a long drive on a Sunday morning and then a good desi breakfast or go for a Spa day with your mom/sister/best friend and enjoy a good time. Plan a shopping day with your best friend/sister/mom/yourself. Don’t forget to treat yourself with some good food after the tiring trip. You can also add up new music to your playlist on weekends, explore good music/movies.

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  3. Disconnect.. or at least try to disconnect

    Yes I am talking about social media & coming from somebody who is always on social media, it sounds pretty ironic right? But let me tell you one thing. I’ve been doing this for a while now. It might not have been for a very long period, but I try to give myself a break from internet because otherwise, everything gets really overwhelming. And when I say “try to”, I meant when you are at home and sitting with your family during lunch/dinner or just a casual hangout. Ignore your phones and communicate. Talk about each other’s routine, office/work or whatever it is that connects you guys. 🙂

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  4. Add a different Flavor every day!

    Need I say more? We all get tired of eating same type of food at home. So instead of eating out on some weekend, try preparing a fancy meal at home. I have done this various times with my brother. When he’s not working and fooling around, he likes to experiment in the kitchen and of course I love that because I get to eat! 😀 Even my mum keeps on experimenting with different salads & soups. We also try to get different snacks which could be savored during our telly time. Even the same type of snacks every day or week gets boring so try to mix and match. For example: we usually get cookies & Lay’s. So you can add desserts like Ice cream for a change but I think chips are always a must to munch on. Although my favorite flavor is saltish Lay’s, my fam loves French cheese. We still try to pick and choose different flavors for a change like their was a Yogurt & Herb which was loved by everyone. I like how they keep coming up with variations so it doesn’t get boring. They have recently added two new flavors (Mexican Paprika & Thai Chili) which I am yet to try! These munchies could be served with sour cream dip, salsa or any other dip you like. It fun to munch that way especially if you are hooked on a 2-3 hours long movie. 😀

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  5. Dress up and you better dress to impress

    As they say, Get up, Dress up & Show up! To kill monotony in life, I’d say this one point could be used fruitfully. If you are tired of your everyday monotonous routine, you can also try dressing up differently. Make a plan: formal on Monday, go chic on Tuesday, skirts/long dresses on Wednesday, solid colors on Thursday and may be a desi attire on Friday. Go easy on the accessories though. To add up a style statement, you can also add a nice bag, perhaps a different one every alternate day. You can also experiment with different lip colors. It’s all about making your personal style statement, adding colors to your life & not coming off as boring. If you are a guy, you can always switch between your smart/casual shirts and formal attire. Add a little color by wearing a cool tie or a colored/printed pair of socks. If you feel good about yourself, you will definitely look good too! 🙂

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These are 5 tips which I swear by! I have personally done these things to kill monotony in life. If you have any input regarding more fun things, don’t forget to give your feedback in the comment box below. ❤


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