From one wall to another: Painting Karachi with love & art!

It’s the month of Independence, to celebrate the love of freedom and patriotism. The timings for EFU Life Assurance‘s CSR activity couldn’t have been more apt! This year the brand has yet again came up with the idea of beautifying the walls of Karachi. This project started last year when the brand took the liberty of painting some of the walls around the city with art, and not just ordinary art. This art speaks to us about our culture and about our daily lives.

Carrying on the same objective this year, EFU decided to promote the love of owning our spaces because let’s face it, nobody likes to see “Mehboob aapke qadmoon main“, “Aapki kamzori ka raaz..” and various other infamous & distasteful taglines by quacks (read: pseudo holy men). Last year, the walls at Ayesha Manzil & National Coaching Centre were painted. This year, Aga Khan Park wall  (in Garden East, Karachi) has been chosen for this activity which stretches onto 750 feet, double the space which was painted last year.

Adding onto the excitement of Independence day, EFU also held a competition as a part of #MeraShaanMeraPakistan campaign in which participants submitted their art work. The winner art work is to be then painted as a WallArt in their on-going activity at Aga Khan Park and not just that, the winner also received a smartphone from the brand. This activity got a lot of entries on their Facebook page & stirred the love of art among people.

Take a look at the art work which was done last year:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I believe this overall campaign will not only promote cleanliness and paint our city but it’s a brilliant initiative to promote our cultural heritage and depict our traditions, diversity of people, and the love for Pakistan through art as well as promote our young talent.

There is a dire need today to create awareness about such activities which are beneficial for the youth in long term and what could be better than the love of art. I hope in the coming years, they extend this activity to other cities and then across different towns and villages.

Kudos to the brand team and their partners Abdoz Art for spreading such a positive message and for giving us these walls which will work as a reminder to keep our environment clean and celebrate & love our people and this city!


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