One “Neki” goes a long way!

Ramazan is all about practicing Islam in its true essence. We all try to be more patient, more generous, more polite and more forgiving during this month. I wish such practices are carry forwarded throughout the year. I’d not pretend that I am not from the lot who becomes more pious during the month but at least I am trying to be a good muslim. I do whatever good I can do in my personal capacity. 🙂

The reason why I am discussing all this is because I recently saw a TVC and I believe it was the best one I saw in Ramazan. When comes the holy month, a lot of brand try to relate themselves with their audience. Needless to say, a lot of brands overdo it too but then there are a few brands which remain true to their essence, Surf Excel is one of them.

Instead of focusing on their product, they are giving a very beautiful message in this new TVC which is inspired by the month of Ramazan. There is a kid who is seen to be very caring towards an uncle who lives in his neighborhood. That uncle lives alone and due to old age, he cannot hear properly without the help of hearing aid. When the kid gets up, he overheard the alarm still ringing and runs off to that uncle’s place. Not only he helps the old man to get up, but he got him Sehri too. The story is beautifully executed and portrayed how children are so sympathetic towards others, how their innocence are still intact and how they put others before self. ❤

I think we all can learn a thing or two from this TVC. Overall, I loved the message and how the brand has delivered it. Surf Excel’s current campaign revolves around the idea that #NekiEkIbadat. In order to further imply the message they have put together a Clothes Donation Drive in collaboration with Akhuwat Foundation & Karachi Relief Trust. It is being carried out nationwide.

So, the idea is: You give a missed call to 90131. You will receive a call back. Then you have two options; You either go and drop the clothes to your nearest M&P centre (check the list of drop-off locations here) or the guys from Muller & Phipps would come to pick up the clothes you want to donate. These clothes will be cleaned & washed by Surf Excel and given to the two NGOs for further distribution to the needy ones. So, Instead of wasting clothes you don’t wear because of outdated fashion or size, please donate them to someone in need! 🙂

Here’s the TVC if you haven’t watched it yet:

There are a few more donation drives going on and I think instead of picking & choosing one, you can donate to 2-3 according to your capacity. When you do that, try to focus on different causes: Education, Clothes & Food are the basics so try to focus on these areas.

In the end, here’s a friendly reminder:

Share your food.
Smile politely at someone.
Show patience.
Give Zakaat.
Donate clothes.

There is so much you can do in this beautiful month and better yet, to carry on with these good deeds for the added virtue throughout the year.

Stay blessed. Have a happy ramazan! x 🙂


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2 responses to “One “Neki” goes a long way!

  1. True, yes we should be doing as it is stated in this beautiful blog, very well thoughts and sharing, we should always be available for all those who are needy and are helpless anyway.


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