All Smiles with Lays Once Again!

Lays Pakistan is back with a series of Smiley packs yet again. This time, however, they want you to be more expressive and that’s why 25 different smiles from all time favorite movie characters to real life situations will be featured on the packs now. I think that’s a fantastic idea and I’m looking forward to see the “Joker” smile from The Dark Knight! 

As always, the fun packs also brought back this amazing competition where you could win a million rupees every week (ARE YOU SERIOUS?!) along with a Samsung S7 Edge daily (Drooling already!!!).

So what needs to be done if you want to win? No major bank robbery or strategic planning is required here (THAT’S ALL FOLKS LOL). Just buy a Lays pack, check the promo code at the back of the Lays Smile Pack, scratch and unveil it. Send the code as SMS to 9005 to make an entry. Don’t forget that your SMS counts as an entry, not the code so you better save that precious SMS! ❤

Lays usually comes up with fun ideas to keep it’s brand loyals engaged. In fact, the TVC is also quite fun and features our very own LALA – that’s right, Shahi Afridi is featured in the video while Imran Abbas and Moomal Sheikh are also featured as a couple (Next time, go a little easy on Imran’s make up PUHLEEZ lol). Overall, it gives such a fun vibe and I like the part where Moomal uses Lay’s Pack to give that expression. Her most amazing smile to date!

Here’s the TVC if you haven’t watched it:


Bonus Point if you are still reading: Lays is giving out a FREE iPod Shuffle DAILY! All you have to do is send them a selfie with a smiles pack with the hashtag #SayItWithASmile (Share both on their Facebook and Twitter). More reasons to smile, yeah? 😉


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