Reliving childhood memories with the new RoohAfza TVC

I came across RoohAfza‘s latest TVC a week ago. It revolves around the idea of celebrating life and capturing the small moments hence the  title #ZindagiMubarak. As soon as I watched it, It felt like a gate of memories was reopened. The beautiful storytelling in the video is very much relatable. I can still recall one of the family functions at home when everyone was gathered and I was angry and locked myself in room because I didn’t had anything to wear lol. You know how stupid demands we would make as kids, yeah? It was one of those. The gathering was more like a success party thrown for me and here I was not even ready to go out and meet the guests. Once dad go to know that, he came to me and I started making weird/cry baby faces (yeah, I know some of you can relate lol). So before I could do anything else or be more sad (?!), he took me and my cousin to a mall to get a dress lol (We left my younger brother home and he told me this only a few years ago that he was really angry at this haha. I think we left home in a hurry!). Anyway, this was just one story but most of the time it was Masood (my younger brother) who was more “ladla” so I didn’t feel bad for leaving him back home. So evil of me! 😀

RoohAfza has been a family staple since ages. I still grab a glass of chilled milk with roohafza during most of my sehris. It’s a must for my iftars – like Father like daughter perhaps? 🙂 I think I got this habit from him because no one else is too keen on RoohAfza milk, they prefer RoohAfza in lemon water but no, not me. I like the good old chilled Roohafza milk just like my dad used to had. ❤

I really appreciate the brand for making something so simple yet extraordinary while staying true to the brand values. It’s traditional and it’s part of our lives since forever. I see the video has already crossed a million views on Facebook already which means it’s well connected with the audience. I hope the other brands learn a thing or two from RoohAfza and make such captivating TVCs which aren’t solely focused on dancing/singing or shoving the brand in your face.

Here’s the link if you haven’t watched it yet:


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4 responses to “Reliving childhood memories with the new RoohAfza TVC

  1. If it weren’t for the wrapped Roohafza bottle at the end, this would have been a perfect ad. Father daughter bond is so precious ❤

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