International Women’s Day Celebrations

Every year on 8th March, Women’s Day is celebrated throughout the world. However, some people remain skeptical on dedicating a day especially for women. They say everyday should be women’s day. I do agree to that but I am in favor of celebrating the day as well. Here is my reason: We celebrate Father’s/Mother’s day as well, right? Don’t we love them for the rest of 364 days? We do, yeah? Yet we have a dedicated day. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the people we love and I believe these occasions let us put our focus on the “subject”.

Therefore, I think it’s a good thing that we celebrate Women’s day. We get to see a lot of powerful messages circulating around. Talks on women empowerment and rights have been stirred. In one way  or the other, it is doing a good. At least these days are having a good impact. Bringing people closer, giving them something to talk about and inspire along the way!

In a male dominated society, I believe celebrations of Women’s day should be made compulsory. The struggle our women go through – while going on about their day to day life is huge. Catcalling, stereotyping, harassment at work/school are only a few things from the giant pool of things which we face. And yet you see a lot of women entrepreneurs emerging not only from the urban areas but even from the rural areas. These women are all set to #BreakTheNorm. The change of mindset has started, it is going to change things for better but very gradually. Perceptions are changing. Women are on roads, not just driving cars but some of them are proudly riding bikes too – and why not? Why is a vehicle dedicated to a particular gender? Come to think of it, why do we even have gender specific professions? “Engineer ho to larka, Doctor ho to larki” is some unwritten old rule in the books of stupidity in our society. I say, let them choose. Be a doctor, chef, engineer, boxer, sports person – be whatever you want to be. Give them the freedom to choose as if you’d let your son to choose. Why would you differentiate? She is as much a human as your son is.

I hope one day we all grow out of this issue and talk about something else. I hope someday, giving basic rights to women for decision making is considered just a basic human right and given respect too. As for now, let us all celebrate women who are breaking the norms and bringing positive change in the society. Let’s celebrate these women who inspire & motivate us to be a better version of ourselves, who tell us that despite all the hindrances, they have beaten the odds & so can we! ❤

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