iDroid Balr X7 launches in Pakistan

Yes, you read that right. #iDroidUSA is now locally available at Yayvo. iDroid is a USA based brand which was was founded in 2014 and it has made its name in USA in a very short span of time due to its affordability and durable quality. In the high-tech era, affordable Smartphone with the top of line features are hard to find. A Smartphone worth just PKR 10,000 is definitely difficult to find. But with this latest entrant in Pakistani market, you can get US-Based IDroid BALR X7 for PKR 9499 – which makes iDroid a high quality middle range smartphone.

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Now let’s look at some of the different features which sets this phone apart:

Design – Thin and Light

iDroidBalr X7 is light in weight(187g) and perfectly fits in the hand. With a flat front, BALR X7 have a front camera along with a flashlight. Although it has a plastic back cover but it looks very classy along with neatly deigned side curved edges.


BALR X7 comes with the 5MP (with Single LED) front camera and 8MP rear camera (with Dual-LED). Other features of the rear camera include Anti-Shake, Voice and Gesture Capture, and AutoScene Detection etc. Both rear and front camera has HDR built-in, though there is a slight noticeable delay between clicking the shutter and the picture taking place in HDR Mode. If using continuous shot, BALR X7 allows to take 20 or 40 picture in a shot.

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Battery Life

The iDroidBALR X7 comes with 2800mAh, which is a positive feature. The battery lasts up to a day if extensively used, which is very good in terms of the prices range. I have also used the phone with internet/3G throughout the day, using social media, and I still had some battery left.

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BALR X7 has 5.5 – inch screen with 1280 x 720 pixels HD display with good screen colors which is quite reasonable in this price range. For those who love big screens, they won’t be disappointed. If you also love surfing videos on Facebook or Youtube, you will definitely love the big screen.

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BALR X7 is dual-SIM, with both SIM 3G capable. The RAM of the BALR X7 is 1GB, with 16 GB storage, which can be expanded by using microSD card. I think smartphones should by default have at least 1GB RAM to support the rigorous use.

Technical Specifications

  • Processor: Quad Core Processor 1.3 Ghz

  • RAM: 1GB

  • Memory: 16GB Extendable up to 32 GB SD Card

  • Display: 5″ TFT – LCD HD 1280*720 pixels

  • Dimensions: 8*77*8.3mm

  • Camera

    • Front 5MP

    • Rear 8MP

  • Weight: 187 g

  • Operating System: Android OS, v5.1 (Lollipop)

  • Colors: Black, Gold

  • Battery: 2800 mAh Lthium-ion battery

My Verdict

Lookwise, the phone is very classy and sleek. BALR X7 offers a metal rim surrounding the phone, which is normally seen in expensive phones. Everyone knows how social media is an integral part of life and multi tasking totally drains the phone and makes it slow. So I am really glad the phone has good battery life a long with 1 GB RAM which definitely are 2 plus points according to me. Not to forget, this model also has 8MP camera which has pretty good results. I was not too impressed by the front cam which I think was lagging a bit in focusing its subject, otherwise it’s a really good buy in the given price range.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-07 at 6.19.10 PM

Unboxing iDroid Balr X7: Phone set, Back cover, Glass protector, Charger, USB cable, Earphones



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