Say #HelloMoto to the newly launched Moto Z in Pakistan

Motorola is one of the oldest brands present in Pakistan. It won’t be wrong to say that they are the pioneers of flip phones. I am sure you all remember Moto Razr, everyone’s favorite flip phone and the sound of #HelloMoto. Back in the days, it was considered cool to have one of these. Well, times have now changed and the brands are catching up.

Our younger generation is definitely addicted to their smartphones. A cliched yet very true statement. The concept of 3rd screen is very much active and now we all prefer to use our smartphones for any or every task. Be it watching movies, catching up with your favorite shows or playing online games. Everything is just a smartphone away. Cameras and video recorders are old story now and same goes for even mp3s. In fact, I won’t be bragging if I tell you that I don’t even get a chance to use my iPod anymore. Everything is just so easier at one place, right?

Let’s welcome Moto Z

Keeping the same view in mind, Motorola has yet again entered Pakistani market with the slimmest phone ever, Moto Z. It’s compact, stylish & knows its job pretty well. Moto Z is 5.2mm thick (that’s almost 2 mm thinner than iPhone 7. Imagine!). In my personal view, I think that’s a good move as addition of Moto Mods will make the phone much heavier.

Moto Z comes with Snapdragon™ 820 processor with up to 1.8GHz quad-core CPU and it has 4GB RAM to ensure smooth running while we multitask. This phone has 2 storage options: 32 GB or 64 GB built in and it supports microSD of upto 2 TB. Moto Z comes with 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera while it offers 24hrs of usage with 2600mAh battery. Overall look of the phone is quite premium with that metal body and ultra-thin design.


If you plan to buy Moto Z, I would suggest to get a mod along with it. Without the mods, Moto Z is similar to its counterparts in many ways however the addition of mods is what sets this phone truly apart. Now let’s talk about these mods.

What are Moto Mods?

Moto Mods (Modular) are used as an accessory to enhance the features of the phone. They grip their hold to the phone through their magnetic power. I like to think mod as in modification because your phone modifies into an in-house projector, or a cinema at your backyard, a sound system if you are having a party or a proper camera with 10x optical zoom option. Moto Z also comes with a Moto Mods Manager (available on Google Play Store) which allows you to connect, control and interact with your mods easily.

The Camera Mod

With Hasselblad True Zoom mod, you can zoom in without getting an almost pixelated picture which you otherwise get if you try too much of your luck. So basically you get 10x optical zoom, xenon flash & crisp pictures! You can also lock your focus on the screen while you’re using this mod. The sad part is this mod doesn’t come with an additional battery. This camera mod is for Rs. 29,500 which makes it the second most expensive mod (after Projector one) but then it gives you a compact camera on the spot.


The Speaker Mod

Speaker mod comes with a JBL sound boost so you can party all you want with powerful stereo sound! Comes with a battery (1000mAh) which could run for 10 hours which is pretty good. The cost of JBL Soundboost mod is Rs. 12,500.


The Projector Mod

Projector mod is super cool. It projects up to 70″ on any surface & it comes with its own battery power 1100 mAh which gives an hour of projection time before the mod uses your phone’s battery. It costs Rs.39,500.


The Battery Mod

Even though there are 3 versions of battery mod internationally available at Motorola website, the one launched in Pakistan is Incipio OffGRID power pack mod. This mod adds upto 22 hours of battery life which I think is quite amazing. Keeping a power bank would not be a thing if you own one of these, you don’t have to worry about low battery. This mod costs Rs.8,650.




Which Mod wins my heart?


Okay, so overall I think Moto Z is going to be a beast with the power of Mods included. However, the overall costs along with the basic mods go pretty high. Being a blogger, I can say the camera mod is definitely a good ad-on as that is one feature we look in a smartphone apart from the battery life, of course. So here I am declaring my favorite mod to go with Moto Z!

I also made a short video at the launch of Moto Z so you can have a look at the phone and how the mods work:

Take a look at the detailed specifications of Moto Z here:



Let me know what do you think about Moto Z and if you have used it already, I would love to hear your feedback. 🙂


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