Comedy Masala International comes to Pakistan

Comedy Masala was launched 6 years ago which is now recognized as the biggest & most popular weekly show in Singapore, as well as South East Asia.  With over 350 shows under its belt, Comedy Masala is now Comedy Masala International and they will be doing a series of shows in Pakistan throughout the year.


Starting with their series, first 6 shows are planned to take place in Karachi from 23rd February to 25th February, which will feature 3 comedians from the USA: Paul Ogata, Dwayne Perkins and Matt Davis. Comedy Masala founder & Pakistani comedian, Umar Rana, will be hosting all these shows. People from Lahore & Islamabad, don’t be disheartened as the team plans to expand their shows there from Sept 2017.

This show has also been aired on Comedy Central Asia, a popular TV channel. Comedy Masala’s vision is to bring the world’s best international stand-up comedians to Pakistan, and to launch a grass roots initiative, via weekly open mics and workshops, to develop and nurture a local stand-up comedy scene under the guidance of experienced comedians from across Asia, Europe, North America & Australia.

Here is to hoping we have more of such entertaining activities and shows not just in Karachi but throughout the country as we seriously lack in this arena. I am excited and looking forward to the first ever International Comedy show in Pakistan. If you are looking for a time out, I’d suggest checking out the page. If you are lucky, you’d still get some tickets. 😉


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