DayFresh – What’s the truth behind Tetra Pack Controversy

A few months ago, I came across this court case which declared a lot of top milk brands unfit (the case also went viral on social media). However, being a regular consumer of tetra pack (due to its health benefits & keeping the nutritional value intact) I could not help but question the integrity of these brands. My family has been using DayFresh from last 2 years and even they raised questions when they came across the case.

Background – Case in Point

Without going into the technicalities, I’d remind you what the report said. It said “heavy metals” have been found in some of the top milk brands which also included DayFresh’s name. Upon further looking into the matter, what I found out was the “metals” this report referred to was “Zinc” & “Iron”. Here I’d also like to add the said quantity was quite in the range of Pakistani food quality checks. We all know how our doctors have prescribed us these as supplements time and again. Once the brand team reported back with facts and figures along with further test by individual labs, the court cleared all the alleged charges.

Need of the Hour

I’d like to mention and emphasize on one thing here: Media should be responsible while reporting any incident. What happened here was that while a case is still being heard in the court of law, media declared the results and defamed quite many top milk brands. This resulted in a huge confusion among general public and while the brand is cleared of all the charges, no media outlet dared to covered the truth. Of course people will lose integrity if the see the same channels running news in the favor of the same brands they tried to bad mouth a few days earlier, isn’t it?

Certification & Lab Reports

To further clarify their stance, DayFresh got the milk tests done by Qarshi labs (Lahore) & SGS (Karachi) which proved that the milk quality adhered to the local and international standards. Moreover, they are also ISO 22000 certified which further proves how DayFresh strictly follows international regulations on food safety management.

Responsibility as a Consumer

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you as much as I wanted to know the backstory myself. It is my responsibility to research about the truth because as a consumer even I’d like to know what I am exactly paying the brand for. Being a blogger, it is my responsibility to share the facts with you guys. We are still consuming DayFresh and I have shared the same facts with my family members as well. Out of all the people, my brother and I were the most happiest haha (We just love their Chocolate flavored milk like kids love their candies). Apart from the taste factor, I prefer DayFresh because of its one source farm thing. As I’ve personally visited their farm some months ago as a part of their Open Invitation Program, I have witnessed the entire process and the fact that their Australian cows are free from hormonal injections, I kept my believe firm on the brand for its goodness.

So if you are ever confused about any brand you are loyal with, go ahead and talk. Social media is the best way to reach out to brands. Message or email them and I am sure they would respond to your queries.


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