Step by Step Guide – How to Watch Your Favorite Shows

1) Switch on TV at the mentioned timings & (try to) watch it peacefully

Sorry what? No electricity? Oh this loadshedding! Does that mean you are going to miss your favorite show? That will be such a shame. It was the best episode of the entire week? That’s all right though. Let’s call that best friend who will summarize it in 5 minutes (but you would still miss all the fun part). Are you sure you want to do this?


2) Miss the drama if you have relatives/guests over

This is one thing which I really dislike the most: unannounced guests at the oddest hours.

Now imagine, you are all set to watch your favorite drama which is going on-air in less than 10 minutes, you have your snacks all ready and a cozy bed awaits you and then all of a sudden, the bell rings! GODDDD. There goes your favorite show and the most amazing time you thought you are going to have, ha!


3) Now what? Let’s try to Google the episode

Go ahead and check YouTube, Google and even all those crazy Facebook groups in the hopes of finding that one episode you missed. Who knows you might get lucky if you spend a few hours in rigorous internet surfing. Don’t forget though, there’s always a chance of failure.



4) Forget the hassle & download TapmadTV

That’s right. Forget the internet surfing and asking on different forums to share that torrent/buffer link with you. Download the TapmadTV app and tap away!

Your favorite shows just one tap away, if this isn’t what happiness looks like then I don’t know what does. 😀 The best part is you can watch the episodes/shows any time you want so you can attend to the guests or the pending work you had and then go back to catching up with your shows. This app also features movies and so many different channels (I found out when I was exploring it lol) so that’s another plus.



Who can get enough of Harvey, anyway? Btw, the app also take suggestions (Videos on Demand? YASSSSS). It’s available at Google Play store as well as App store for Apple 😀 (Thank God). It’s like our very own Desi version of Netflix. From Movies to Music to News Channels, the app has definitely got us covered. I can’t wait for them to upload my favorite English shows especially FRIENDS and SUITS. ❤




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