Kashmir Oil Gives a Tastier Twist to Our Everyday Veggies!

Have you guys noticed how in every Cooking oil ad the focus of dishes are on meat? I usually see Fried chicken items, Shami kababs, Chicken tikka, Beef boti and so on. It is obviously a technique to grab our attention by showing mouth watering meals but wouldn’t it be nice to have something healthier to share and inspire? Well. I recently came across this TVC of Kashmir Oil in which I found one thing very different than all current cooking oil ads.

Kashmir Cooking Oil firstly showed lots of vegetables being cooked in their new ad and trust me it looks so good for a change. Secondly, they have presented the dishes in a very different manner. If we talk about ourselves, even we get bored when asked to eat vegetables because Baingan (Eggplant) will always be cooked the same default way as it has always been at our home and same goes for most of the veggies. The solution here is to try and do some experiments. Why make boring food when you can do better? 🙂 This is exactly what is depicted in the new ad. Take a look here:

While looking for healthier version of cooking oils, I also found out that their Premium Gold oil (blend of Soya bean, Sunflower & Canola Oil) contains blend of Vitamin A, D & E which are essential for a healthy lifestyle while Canola Oil along with these benefits also contains the goodness of Omega 3. The brand’s focus on quality is surely an assurance to give us a healthier lifestyle ensuring lower cholesterol levels and increasing nutritional value of the cooked meal.

My personal favorite vegetable is Kareela (Bittergourd). I know, I know but don’t judge me because my mom actually makes the best kareelay piyaz (Bittergourd with Onion). Although I am not so reluctant with veggies like a lot of people in my surrounding are (not taking names lol) but I’d not mind a fusion over desi for a change. I love the idea of Zucchini boats (which is basically half cut, filled zuchhini with whatever stuffing you like and then it’s usually baked – with or without cheese).

Overall, I think it is very important to add greens in your plate and keep a balance of fibre, protein, whole grains along with fruits and vegetables. I hope the chefs at our homes try to innovate more with current options so the families are more attracted towards eating veggies. It would be great if Kashmir also shares some brilliant fusion recipes for veggies in future so we can finally convince ourselves to transition to something good and healthy! 🙂



Credits: Google


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