Wedding Diaries: 3 Steps to Get That Glamorous Look

Weddings in Pakistan are usually quite a grand affair. Sometimes these wedding functions take place over the course of a week. However, the preparations and the events itself are quite fun especially for the females of the house. It’s not that boys don’t like to dress up and show off (haha) but they just cannot beat girls at this! Especially during wedding season there are just so many things which need to be looked after. I have broken down the 3 major steps for getting that glamorous look at Desi weddings.

The first & most difficult part: Selecting Clothes

Starting from the color scheme for Mehndi, Mayoun, Dholki, Shadi & Valima to finally selecting dresses of different materials (silk/chiffon/karandi etc). Not to forget the timely order for embroidery work and eating the brains of your “master sahab” (read: tailor) to give you the stitched dresses on time. And to be honest, the struggle of deciding when to wear gharara/sharara/angrakha is quite real! One thing to note here is, in case you are a sister/closest cousin of the bride, you definitely need to look outstanding and make sure your other cousins don’t look as fab as you do (lol). It’s such a must for our desi weddings! 😀

Second Step: Accessories & Shiz

The second step is to get the matching accessories to compliment these different dresses. These accessories usually include a pair of shoes, jewelry & bag/clutch. It is quite a cumbersome task to get the clothes done right and then find the right jewelry which not only compliments the look (whether you have decided to pull of a sharara or adorn a saari) but also doesn’t look overdone. Usually for Mehndis, Matha pathis and Shararas are a favorite combination for us desis while some keep Pastel colors specific to Valima/Reception functions. On the wedding day, usually the most heaviest dress is selected which is usually a Gharara/Sharara if you are quite close to the bride/groom.

Final Step: The Overall Look

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of make up & hair-do. Your entire persona for the event day depends on how you are presenting yourself. Taking inspiration from Sunsilk‘s new video for Thick & Long hair here are some very liked and useful looks for different days:

For Mayoun Day

For Mehndi Day

For Shadi Day

I loved this ad not because the tune is so catchy (Zoe sung it btw) but the overall looks and dresses are really complimenting each other. Anyway, I hope this short quick guide will help you look the best on the big day of your brother/sister/cousin! If you have any tips and tricks to end up looking your best on a desi wedding, please share them with me too. ❤


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