3 Favorite Android Phones Which Aren’t Locally Available

A few weeks ago I was looking to get a mid priced phone with above average performance to get me going for most of my social media work and as I googled, I found out a lot of amazing Android phones which are currently not available in Pakistan. As the list popped up, I could see familiar brands like Oppo, Huawei, Google’s Nexus which are widely available in the local market however some brands which looked quite affordable with some great specs offering are still not locally available. I have also heard some great things about these brands from my relatives living in abroad.


Credits: Google

Let’s take a look at these 3 Android phones which have amazing performance but sadly they’re not currently available in Pakistan:


Lastly, another favorite is iDroid which is a USA based smartphone brand. As the name suggests, iDroid has a wide range of Android phones and tabs which are quite easy on the pockets and yet give you the feel of a high-end smartphone. iDroid USA has some amazing phones like Royal V7 which has an amazing design and comes with 13/5 mp camera which also records in HD, then there is Tango A5 which caters to the low end market. From high end to low end, iDroid has quite a good range of phones with features of the likes of Samsung & Microsoft at a much affordable price range.



Credits: Google

One Plus One

I am sure a lot of you have heard about One Plus One. We all have that one family member who ask their friends/family living abroad to send them the invite to buy and then later on, they also requested to get the phone while coming to Pakistan. This is a basic ritual if you are a One Plus One fan (Or the fans of it’s later phones One plus 2, One plus 3 etc). For the price bracket, this phone which is offered in 16/32/64GB ROM  (no external memory) with quite good camera features & sleek look, I think this phone is a total steal!


Credits: Google



I have not had the chance to use Xaomi phones yet but I am quite impressed with their m1 powerbanks. I have really heard good reviews about their phones as well. Xaomi phones like m1, Redmi Note or Redmi Prime series fall under the range of mid/low price phones and they are usually inspired by Samsung. To say that you are getting almost the same features as a Samsung but in a very competitive cost won’t be wrong. If given a chance, I’d definitely want to use this phone to see how true all the praises stand. I can say from my experience with their powerbanks that I’d definitely give their phones a try. They definitely know their job! If only their devices were easily available in Pakistan too, we could have an amazing variety to choose our next phone from.


Credits: Google

We can already see the market acceptance towards the brands like Infinix, Huawei, OPPO and QMobile. Here’s to hoping that more smartphones officially launch in Pakistan as we have a lot of room for pocket friendly phones which are obviously bragged about around the world!



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2 responses to “3 Favorite Android Phones Which Aren’t Locally Available

  1. But one plus one is not much effective , it’s normal
    One plus two have much more features but it is price sensitive .
    Xiaomi not bad , not so good .
    In my opinion moto rocks .
    You can pick up any smartphone of moto , it gives the real of real Android environment


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