Food Review: Sunday Brunch at Beach Luxury

Waking up:

Waking up early morning on Sundays (or well, any other day for that matter) is not my thing. That is one reason why I am in love with the idea of “brunch”. Therefore, Sunday brunch sounds like a perfect combination.

On our way:

I got up late (duh!) but as it was decided already that mom and I will be going for a brunch, I was ready in no time. The ride to Beach Luxury was pretty smooth (thankfully because of the weekend and well, it was also Christmas day). Upon reaching the hotel, we met a little rush (there was a wedding function going on, i took a sneak peek at the decor and it was fab. took notes in case I want a day time reception lol). And then we were welcomed by a giant Christmas tree around the reception area. It looked so festive and cute. Anyway, so we headed to 007 where the Sunday brunch usually take place.

Starting the brunch with Soup:

It was a large hall, and the Christmas music was blaring in the air. Once we were greeted and settled down, we were asked our desired flavor from the soup. Mom went with French Onion while I tried Mulligatawny Soup. It was served with bread basket. Even though it was a buffet system, I really liked how courteous the staff was. (Also, I liked French Onion soup’s  taste better than mine lol).

Salad bar fascination:

Yes, you read that right. I have some fascination with Salad bars. And this was the first side I visited as soon as I got over (not really lol) with my soup. Salad bar was definitely done right. Lots of varieties, lots of colors and I just could not get enough. There were different cold cuts meat platter with a variety of prawn in dynamite sauce, fish in yogurt sauce, turkey, beef along with different sausages.

And here’s how my plate looked like:

Plate 1 (Salad & Chicken).JPG

Round 1: Salad with Chicken Muscovite & Stuffed Turkey from Main Course

Round 2 – Fight – oh i mean, EAT:

There were a lot of options to choose from and as you can see from my first plate above, I did survey one side first which had a lot of main course options apart from the Salad bar. Take a look below:

As you can see, this side had a lot of continental dishes. Fish in Banana Leaves is a famous dish in South India (Kerala) then there was Seafood Gratin (base of seafood – prawn, fish, crabs baked with pasta and topped with whitesauce and cheese). Then there was classic roasted turkey with stuffed herbs. When I asked if the variety remains the same every Sunday, I was told that these guys do bring their specials and alternate between the dishes. I assume I got lucky that it was Christmas day as well. I definitely loved the variety of dishes.

Exploring the Desiness:

Moving on to the other side, I realized it was majorly the desi corner. Apart from the frying station (hot crispy fish and prawns yum), roasted lamb & bread corner, this area had desi written all over it.


Here comes the desi food brigade:

I loved the variety and some of the dishes were inspired by Bohri & Parsi cuisine. Also, the bread corner was really good as it had a variety of not just breads but cereals too. I also loved fried prawns, crispy & very delicious. It wasn’t a tempura for a change. The roasted lamb at the same station was pretty good too.  If you are somebody who prefer to have heavy breakfast/brunch, I’d totally recommend you to visit here as the variety is pretty good.


Prawn, Lamb, Cheese bread with salad


Let’s have something sweet?

I always wait for this part because *MAJOR SWEET TOOTH ALERT*. Dessert station, however, was a pretty small affair. Even though I LOVED the addition of traditional Christmas cakes, I’d have loved it more had they offered more variety here. Anyway, I tried the cake and it was delicious. Just the right amount of nuts and fruits, totally like Christmas in your mouth and I paired with slightly bitter coffee *OMG* I can’t tell you how perfect it was. Apart from the cake, I tried a mix of everything else which tasted good too.


In a nutshell:

I loved the variety and I am planning to take my brother along next time as there was enough variety for both Desi food and Continental food lovers (which I was not expecting honestly). Here’s to hoping they add more variety in dessert at least 1/4th of what they’re offering in main course (really impressed). Another thing which I noticed was there was a number of beverages offered (tea/coffee/milk/tang), I’d definitely suggest to keep more variety in juices and if you’re keeping a balance in the food, an addition of lassi would be really fab. 🙂 Overall, it was a good experience and the brunch costs Rs. 1695 plus tax (per person) and along with the buffet, different activities like face painting, boat riding, pool activity for kids are also offered for free (which means a fun relaxing family time!).

Rating: 8/10

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-05 at 6.22.27 AM.jpeg

Happy faces after eating. Want that radiance? Go have a brunch! :p

till next time.. happy eating!


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