7 Must-Have Desi Winter Delights

With the cold chilly winds knocking on our doors already what better time could there be to enjoy all the delicious, mouth-watering winter cuisines? Let me tell you about my family’s all time favorite dishes:


Sarson Ka Saag & Makkai Ki Roti

One of the most sought after desi winter food and a delicacy of Punjab, Sarson ka Saag is widely served with Makkai/Bajray ki roti and topped with butter, which totally enhances its taste and makes it one of the MUST HAVES this season! Often complimented with a glass of Lassi or Thandai, it is perfect for all the times, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner! It is now widely served by local eateries in Karachi as well.


Kashmiri Chai

Pink tea popularly known as Kashmiri chai is prepared using special tea leaves and served with almonds and pistachios on the top. This traditional beverage hails from Kashmir and due to its unique taste and color; it’s one of the favorite beverages in Pakistan especially during the winter.


Cold and chilly winter nights and fish; whether fried or grilled, are a perfect combination! Widely served at most of the dhabbas, and local eateries throughout the city as well as at the fast food joints, each one has its own distinguished flavor. Along with being tempting, it is undoubtedly a healthy food choice! And if you don’t swing the Desi way, you can always opt for Fish & Chips which is widely available during winters at all the good eateries.


A popular dish on the dinner table, Paaye is a local favorite since forever! Served with bread or naan, this dish can be enjoyed throughout winter with its distinctive flavor that only a few can perfectly get. However, if you are from Punjab side you enjoy this delicacy quite often than us because Karachiites mostly resort to Paaye when the weather is chilly!


Gajar ka halwa

A unique and traditional dessert prepared in desi ghee, Gajar ka halwa is definitely everyone’s favorite. This winter delicacy compliments all wedding menus during the season and is a special addition to each dinner table! My meetha cravings increase during chilly winter nights and honestly, warm/hot Gajar ka halwa is the best cure out there. (Also, I’d not mind some hot gulab jamuns either lol).

Roasted Peanuts

Easily available around every street corner, these little bundles of joy are perfect to satisfy your late night cravings on all those cold nights, during a movie or a game! I can still hear the sounds of rehri walay pathan uncle who used to approach our streets as soon as it was chilly in the air. I still manage to find some street hawkers who sell these as they are now mostly restricted to food streets/famous shopping areas only.

Lehsun Ka Laddu

Although it is called a laddu, it is nothing close to something which is sweet. Lehsun and bajray ki roti are mixed together, add some oil, fry for a while and there you have the best savory laddu in the world. So basically it’s a memoni/gujrati dish and not a lot of people will be familiar with this magic food item but let me tell you. If you haven’t tried this yet, you are missing out on a lot in life. People usually pair this with raita/yogurt but as I can’t stick to being normal, I like the combination of these with a cup of chai.

So do add these scrumptious foods to your menu, to make it every bit flavorful and ensure that you enjoy these delicacies while the weather lasts!  ❤


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