My Shopping Spree at #DSFKHI!

It’s been quite a while that I did some Kurta shopping. I usually go for stitched shirts & dresses because my tailor doesn’t want to get some regular business from me. It’s either that or well, he hates me for not being the regular size lol. Anyway, so thanks to DSFKHI, I finally got to go on my long due shopping spree. Honestly, the place is done so beautifully that I’d not mind dropping by for a casual cup of coffee but who goes to mall and comes back without shopping bags eh?


Oh well.. 

So far I have taken two trips to DMC. Some favorite brands are still left so I’ll be visiting this weekend. 😀 Meanwhile, here goes the list of my favorite retail brands I got to visit:

  • Nishat

No on ground discount for now but there was 25% flat discount on their online store from 23rd-25th December. I had already shopped from Nishat at my first trip but I did make a mental note to get something online too & then it totally got off my mind. Anyway, the two shrits I got are really pretty so I am not too sad about forgetting the online sale. First one is a floral print with black base. A little too flowery for me but It looked nice when I tried it. Plus, it’s Khaddar. I wanted to get something for the winter wear and I found it! The second is a digitally printed linen shirt. So the deal with me & linen is, I wear it throughout the year unlike the majority. And for those of you who don’t know this, Nishat is my go to brand because a) they always have my size (lol) & b) I like their single tone colors range. I don’t like to wear a lot of colors at once (read: gola ganda). Also, discounts are on from 28th Dec till 1st Jan. ❤


Left one: Rs. 2700 , Right one: Rs. 2550

  • Junaid Jamshed

My heart silently prays for him whenever I see his store or walk into one. 🙂

Okay so Jdot had flat 20% discounts going on and I just got lucky. I usually avoid places which are cramped due to crazy sales & Jdot being one of the most loved retail brands was fully crowded too. I couldn’t dare say no to mom & there we were juggling between the clothing rack trying to find the best picks! So we got 3 shirts (1 being mine, the other 2 are mom’s).

Before you say I contradict my earlier statement (ref: gola ganda), let me tell you this was an impulsive buy. And I had already thought to give it to mom if the color doesn’t suit me. So I have yet to try it but I am still dubious.


L to R: Rs. 2085, Rs. 3085, Rs. 2185 (without discount prices) Discount was around Rs. 1500 in total

  • Generation

As my best friend puts it, “You have something going on with bright colors.” 😀  I think I like corporate colors more by default. Give me blue, black, brown any day! Which reminds me why I love Generation so much. My shopping spree is never complete without a visit to their store. There was a new Denim range. I tried one of the shirt disguised as a dress but honestly, the clothe was too warm for Karachiites. It looked good no doubt but I realized I could hardly wear it a few times only due to a very short duration of this season. Then there were soft denim shirts too (couldn’t get to try those as I had already made mom wait so this ones due on 3rd trip lol). I might get one of those!

Anyway so I bought these two shirts. One of them is actually a casual chic blazer. I had my eyes on this print since my last visit. Can’t wait to style it! The other is a plain black shirt with golden contrast. My family thinks I already have this one. What they don’t realize it, the print is a classic and it has made its comeback in the market. Good thing is, I still have the shawl intact from my first dress of the same print so I’d be rocking this too. Just waiting for the right time. 😉


Left one: Rs. 2498, Right one: Rs. 2498

I hope you guys liked my shopping. And before you name me as an outcast, let me tell you. My 3rd trip will include a visit to Khaadi, Sapphire, Nishat & Generation (duh!). And if you’re also looking to get some shopping done, a lot of brands are still giving discounts till 31st Dec, check out the list here.

Also, bonus points if you’re still reading (haha). For everyone obsessed with bedsheets, go check GulAhmed & ChenOne. My go-to places for bedsheets. I got two from Chenone last week at Rs. 1600 each. Hoping to drop by GulAhmed on my 3rd visit. ☺️

Let me know what you have bought so far or what you’re planning to buy. I’d love to read about you experience! xx

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