Food Recipe: Crispy Beef Wrap

According to my brother, it tasted like something from KFC. Not sure if that’s a compliment!  


Sorry for the not-so-fancy-presentation. My brother was in such a hurry to eat >.<

Okay here goes the recipe:

1) Thin layers of beef (steak piece) marinated with vinegar, paprika, salt & pepper. You can immediately cook it in a non stick pan. I used very less quantity of oil. Once done, cut the pieces in julienne (long cuts).

2) Now clean the pan. Let it heat for a while and then put up pita bread (I don’t use any oil or water). Once it gets a little brown color here and there, you’re done (30/40 seconds on each side on medium flame). Take these off the pan, add some mayo and let it rest.

3) Get back to your pan (duh!). Add some oil, now add julienne cut carrots & lettuce. Add those cooked beef strips, put some red chilli sauce & tomato ketchup (chill/plain) as per your taste. Stir fry for 30/40 seconds.

4) Take some fresh iceberg & put it in the centre of the mayo applied Pita bread, then add the meat mixture over it (in the middle only), take a slice of cheese (break it into pieces and spread over the meat), add any other sauce if you like (I added a bit of 1000 island).

5) You can put it in the microwave for 30 seconds for the cheese to melt or just wrap it up as it is in a roll and voila! Serve with any side (I made two for my brother so he didn’t need any side lol ).

Edited: So I made this again, served on a bed of iceberg with cucumber & carrots & some meat mix leftover as sides. ❤


Second attempt with a better presentation 🙂




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