Oriflame Meet-up: Makeup, Gossips & Hi-tea!

Oriflame invited a bunch of beauty & lifestyle bloggers at their first ever Bloggers Meet-up in Karachi. The agenda was simple: Glam up, take selfies, chit-chat over a cup of tea (or coffee) & end the day with a gorgeous giveaway basket full of make-up goodies. Sounds fun, yeah?

Sufyan Siddiqui, Brand Manager Oriflame, started the day with briefing about Oriflame. A lot of you wouldn’t know this  but Oriflame isn’t directly available at any retail stores. The products are sold through direct marketing only (following the same Avon’s model). So basically, a representative would contact you & convince you to buy the products. This way, they earn the commission, the originality remains (very low or zero chances of counterfeit product) and the very good prices because of no such intermediary.

As for the products, I would like to mention the portfolio of Oriflame is big. From catering to lower/middle segment to the high class, you will find a good number of products for every price points. For example: Oriflame & The One range is quite affordable to everyone while the Giordani Gold is a little on the high-end pricing.

I loved the cute vanity table with lots of makeup & perfumes to try on (I especially loved this particular fragrance called Eclate (it’s for men but who cares lol).

It was a very small sweet affair and managed quite well. All the bloggers got to try the make up range & fragrances one by one, while the others stayed busy & tried the products avaialble at their tables (which included Oriflame sunblock, Giordani long wear mineral foundation, Bronzing pearls, Essentials body lotion & some more lipsticks).

So here’s some feast for your eyes. Presenting the contents of my giveaway bag:


Oriflame giveaway bag reveal


Lipstick shades

edit4So these are 9 items which I received in the bag (for some odd reason, it didn’t had milk & honey cream which i have had my eyes on uh but oh well). I’d soon review some of the products (lipsticks will go first!). Let me know if you specifically want me to review anything else. I’d also like to mention here that I might just buy myself some nice birthday present this year. I am eyeing that Eclate perfume & Giordani Gold foundation too ’cause it was that good (I tried it at the event & loved it). It’s a long wear foundation with SPF 15. Anyway, coming back to these products – very thankful to Oriflame for the full size giveaways. They will definitely come handy. Stay tuned for the reviews. Meanwhile, check out these amazing pictures from the event. ❤

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