Be Artsy with DayFresh!

Remember how excited we used to get during those special school days when we would skip classes and indulge in some fun activities? Yeah well, kids are still the same. They just want to have fun! So we know that “All work & no play makes Jack a dull boy” but we should also know that “All play & no work also makes Jack a dull boy”. Therefore, the best way to increase the learning pace of young minds, add some fun yet productive activities.

I still remember the good old school days how everyone would get excited to take part in the annual school functions or the once-in-a-blue-moon special events in some of the courses. I have witnessed a changing trend in our educational sector. Now they are more focused to utilize all the touch points and mould it a learning experience for the kids. All sort of activities, like color day, fruit day, vegetable day, cultural day and what not, take place very often now and the kids are always so ecstatic to perform and participate. So when I came across this current campaign by Dayfresh, I was curious to find out more about it. Upon reaching their Facebook page I found out that they are currently visiting different schools to not only promote their brand but to give these children a very creative way to show their inner artists!

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The brand team has already visited 20+ schools already. Few of these schools are DHA O & A Levels, Origins, City School Gulshan Branch, Educators, Hampton School. Habib Public Boys & Girls, Happy Home, Generations & St. Joseph’s School. It’s amazing how schools are very responsive to the idea of such methods of learning. So the activity entails of an entertainer who, after a funny opening, briefs the kids about what’s going to happen. Kids also receive a goody bag with all the tools they require for the activity. As the flavored milk are of 3 different variants, teams are divided as per the flavors, kids enjoy the yummy drinks and later on, the empty packs are used to make toys/sculptures out of them. This way the idea of recycling is enforced which helps the environment and the kids unleash their creativity in a very enjoyable manner.

To conclude the activity, one of the teams’ creation is declared winner on the basis of team work, usability & creativity! But that’s not about it. DayFresh has extended the same idea online so the students who could not be reached from different schools around the country could also participate. At the end of the entire campaign, 5 best creations would be shortlisted out of which 1 will be declared winner and take away some amazing prizes.

One thing which I personally like about DayFresh is the taste of their regular milk. As the milk comes from Australian cows & there’s no addition of preservatives, I think that retains the pure taste. Since they use the same high quality & full of nourishment milk for their flavored products, it is very good for the kids too. Plus, what’s a better way to feed them some milk without whining yeah? It’s a Win-Win situation.

Be Artsy, a story of milk & craft, is one of the engaging & fun campaigns by DayFresh. It brings the concept that blends performing arts, brand story along with fun elements. The enthusiasm of kids could be seen from the pictures above. If they haven’t visited your school yet, I’d suggest you write to them & write to your school administration too as the campaign is still going on. Also, don’t forget to check their Facebook page & participate online. You might just win yourself one cool gadget, who knows! 😉


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