Avari brings Aussie BBQ to Pakistan

Avari Towers, in continuation of it’s international food festivals, celebrated Australian Food Festival last week. For the special occasion, Jesse Hands – the Australian chef was flown in to give us the very authentic taste of Australian food. There’s one thing you should know about Australians: They love to wait for weekends or holidays so that they can have the great Aussie barbie (read: barbecue). The phrase “put another shrimp on the barbie” is quite commonly spoken and heard of.

A casual weekend Aussie bbq would usually have these on their Menu: Cold Australian Beer, Grilled Prawns, Grilled Lobster, Grilled Sausages & Grilled Lamb. They prefer slow & low method of cooking so the flavors rub on the meat and give it a smoky taste yet it stays tender.

At the Avari Food Festival upon entrance, we were welcomed by the Kangaroos (not really lol). But I loved the set up. Everything was being live cooked. The guests would go & choose their cut and meat, and then move to the Chef with their selections. I loved how everyone could customized their selections. You tell the Chef how you like your meat &  just wait for the perfection to come out!

Apart from meeting the fellow bloggers, we also had the pleasure to meet Australian High Commission Nicole Guihot and what a wonderful woman she is. It was amazing to hear her stories from her visit to northern areas of Pakistan.

Okay so, starting from the Salad bar, I could see different colors of cherry tomatoes, my favorite greens, corn salad & raw oysters on a bed of crushed ice. I decided to be random as I always am (with my Salad obviously). So here’s how my Salad plate looked like:


Moving on to the Main course (ooohh, the bbq): I chose 2 small Tenderloin cuts for my Beef Steak. I didn’t feel like trying the lobster (mostly because I like it as Calamari 90% of the times) and also because I LOVE BEEF STEAKS. On the sideline, I added mashed potatoes (loved them), a quiche as well (because why not), a small piece of bread with a fried fish (I had my eyes on it!). Needless to say, I loved what I chose but I couldn’t finish 2 steaks on my own so I shared.


Everyone loved the idea of getting their favorites grilled in front of them. Needless to say, a huge crowd was waiting for their turns. Two grilling sections were made (One for Prawn & Fish, the other for Beef & Lobster).


Tiger Prawns, Sausages & Variety of Fish on the grill

As always, the dessert range didn’t fail to impress me. I was half expecting Strawberry Pavlova (made with a meringue base) and there it was! Right in front of these sinful eyes. I couldn’t wait to devour this delicacy. It’s usually a must in Australian dessert. Apart from this, I could see different range of dessert including Apple pie, different tarts, chocolate cake, orange cake, coffee cake, strawberry & chocolate mousse and a lot more.

Overall, the experience was great. Australian food festival has ended however the International week is still very much in celebration so look out for the next treat which Avari brings because who wouldn’t want to try some authentic international food? 🙂



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