Double High Fives as Lifebuoy Pakistan Breaks Guinness World Record

Being a Marketing grad, I’ve studied a lot of case studies in different courses throughout my academic years. I still remember when we got to learn about “Help a Child Reach 5” case study, which is basically Lifebuoy’s CSR initiative. As the focus of our case study was on Asia only, the study and overall discussion seemed quite relevant but disheartening at the same time. Well, imagine knowing that we lose approx 2 million children every year, due to diarrhea and pneumonia, before they even turn 5. This battle can be fought and even won just by following one simple change: Make handwashing with soap a habit.

Good hygiene practices like cleaning and washing hands with soap especially after all these daily activities will help improve your health and prevent all these diseases:

  1. Before eating
  2. After visiting the loo
  3. After playing with pets or outside
  4. After you sneeze or blow your nose
  5. Before & After cooking
  6. Before & After you visit someone who is sick
  7. Before feeding children 

Lifebuoy has been an advocate of “Handwashing” since 2009 when they cofounded Global Handwashing Day. Their global vision is to promote healthy hygiene habits & make hygiene products (soap) accessible to everyone. Keeping the same vision in mind, they recently celebrated Global Handwashing Day in Karachi, Pakistan. The event #High5forHandwashing was held at PAF Museum with an amazing turnout of people of every age, especially kids. The audience enjoyed the event and activities and the presence of celebrities like Fahad Mustafa, Syra Shehroze, Anoushey Ashraf, Saira Kabeer, Yassir Hussain, Adnan Siddiqui and many others made it even more exciting for the general public.

As per Guinness World Record, Lifebuoy won The most double high fives in relay in one minute is 96, achieved by Lifebuoy Soap (Pakistan), in Karachi, Pakistan, on 22 October 2016.” 


The double highfives were fun and they also saved lives. Here’s how: Each high five will lead to teaching 5 kids on how to properly wash their hands. Even though handwashing is a very basic and simple act, it is often neglected not just by kids but by adults as well. Through this activity, Lifebuoy spread awareness about the importance of handwash. This will significantly lower the chances of the germs we usually catch and thus improving the health of the entire family. As an adult, it is your responsibility to now only follow such hygienic practices but make your kids adopt such healthy habits and help them to inculcate this in their daily lives for a healthier life.


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