Reliving the Pinball madness with Cricket in Pepsi’s new TVC

Let’s go back in time. No, not in Victorian era but to the Windows XP era. Remember, the famous Pinball computer game? It was introduced in 95 Windows pack and continued to be available till Windows XP version. Oh I still remember the initial days when I had no clue about the basics, I’d just play randomly & I’d wait for the ball to hit something lol. Good ol’ days!

So how come I am talking about Pinball all of a sudden? Well. I was browsing through my Facebook the other day as my night time ritual and I stumbled upon this video by Pepsi. It said Pinball and I was intrigued. By the time I pressed play, all the memories of pinball were recalled in my head. Was it an ordinary pinball computer/table game? No. All I saw was some bunch of guys playing cricket, and then boom! Wow. What a brilliant integration!

However, I’d really like this idea to be pulled off in our street cricket versions. I hope it doesn’t stick to the TVC only because the younger generation deserves to witness the magic of Pinball, yeah? Let’s not deprive them of this amazing classic! Can you imagine how our weekend Street Cricket matches would be like if this Pinball is actually integrated?  I can already see the entire family as spectators! 😉

Here’s the video, in case you haven’t watched it yet:



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2 responses to “Reliving the Pinball madness with Cricket in Pepsi’s new TVC

  1. Lovely blog, what a beautiful game that was named Pinball, it was a craze never gonna end, miss it whenever see Pepsi TVC, wish the time comes back and we enjoy the game recalling memories of Past

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