DayFresh Farm Visit: From Grass to Glass

Earlier last month, I got the chance to visit Dairyland (DayFresh) Farm & Plant. Some fellow bloggers were invited among the general crowd as the company open its gates to everyone to personally visit and witness the entire process first hand.

DayFresh Plant is located at Dhabeji. Once we reached our destination, we were given a brief introductory session by Dr. Shahzad, Consultant of DayFresh. Along with the session, we were also told to take precautionary measures while inside the plant. As it was not allowed to take pictures of the assembly line and automation process, I won’t be able to share that but I can tell you they maintain a state of the art processing plant.


Inside the Plant (Credits: Dayfresh website)

We witnessed the aseptic process (in which the end result is a product that lasts up to six months without refrigeration or preservatives), packaging & labelling lines and the cold unit. Later on, we were taken to the on-site farm where all the Australian cows are kept. Our family made the switch to DayFresh due to the taste & the fact that it’s free from any sort of hormonal injection. One of the reasons why I was looking forward to the visit was that I was invited not just as a blogger, but as a consumer as well.

While during the farm visit, we were given information about the Calves & Cows by Dr. Sohail. On average, these calves gain 1kg daily and within 13-14 months they are ready to be mothers. I was surprised to know that they grow at such a fast pace. 29 litres is extracted from each cow per day. Needless to say, the farm is efficiently run under supervision of experienced doctors & engineers from Pakistan & Egypt.

Everything looked really well and organized and I love the cute calves (if you had followed my Snapchat stories or Facebook live, you’d know what I am talking about!).

Somebody from the crowd asked if the milk is preservative free, how come it last long on the shelf (6 months or more)? To which one of the doctors responded that this is due to the UHT process. Once the milk is boiled at high temperatures and then cooled down, it is packed into these tetra packs protecting the milk from any light or air and thus saving it from producing any bacteria and locking the freshness & nutritional value. However, once you open the pack it should be consumed within 3-4 days. That was a little technical but the visual tour made it more clear and understandable to us.

One thing which many of us noticed was none of us saw the milk in big containers or something. There was no human contact with the milk thus ensuring it remains fresh & free from any germs. Even the milking is done through automated milking parlor which directly sends the milk through pipe tunnels to the plant for further processing. We tasted flavored milk at the plant and I wished if only I could get unlimited supply of Chocolate one for life! 😀


Milking Process (Credits: DayFresh website)

Anyway, the entire tour was very informative, reminded me of the school days and gave all of us a chance to see how much time and effort is needed to make just one pack of milk which we consume in seconds!

DayFresh is taking general public to their farm tour every month so if you’d also like to visit, you can register here & wait for the confirmation email. Meanwhile, check out the video from our visit below. Try to find me if you can! :p

Let me know if you would like to hear about anything else from my side. I would love to hear your comments and feedback, so please feel free to message. ❤


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