Fawad & Syra in the new PEPSI TVC – Could it get anymore Exciting?

So I was randomly going on with my usual business when I received a mail. It was in fact an invitation from Pepsi Pakistan to an exciting dinner with none other than Syra Shahroze. When the day arrived, I was ecstatic to know about the upcoming TVC which is now on-air. Being a blogger totally has its perks! Not only were we shown the TVC before it went live, but we also got to ask some fun questions from Syra & the director, Umar Anwar.

What else was exciting at the meet up? None other than the scrumptious dinner at Mews served with chilled Mocktails and of course, Pepsi!

Now let’s talk about the TVC. For the first time ever, Pepsi featured the heart throb Fawad Khan. He looks so fun and a complete foodie version of all of us! Overall, the TVC depicts how #MealsTurnExciting when Pepsi is there. Apart from Fawad and Syra, Shahzad Noor is also spotted in the TVC.

I wasn’t expecting anything less from Pepsi. I am sure you all remember the last year’s campaign #KhanaBaneyExciting with Syra Shahroze & Feroze Khan. Loved the jingle and catchy tagline and I still remember how all the food turned so delicious when paired with a chilled Pepsi. That one was directed in a café however this one has set the bar a little higher. Fawad Khan? Shahzad Noor? Syra Shahroz? I mean could you get any better? 😀

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet (really?!)

Okay moving on to some exclusive pictures from the Dinner. Syra posed for my Instagram and looked really chic:

Another favorite part of the night was this amazing food *drooling all over again*

To top it all off, we were served delicious desserts. In case you’re curious, I’ll put up a quick food review in the next blog. ❤

Overall, it was an amazing dinner with Pepsi team & fellow bloggers. Needless to say, Fawad Khan stole the show (sorry Syra <3). I just can’t hide my love for him. Isn’t he a cutie? Oh how I wish he would have been there too. But you know what? There’s always another TVC and another meet-up. Who knows what’s gonna happen next? 😉

Till next time, signing off!


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