Learn with Fun at Young Learners Preschool

I recently got to know about Young Learner’s Preschool when me and my 3 other blogger friends were invited to spend a day at the campus with these adorable kids. I was pleasantly surprised to see how the entire focus of the school, from ambience to the management, was on children development & learning.

Everything at the school reflected how much time, efforts and hard work the management and teachers give in to create a very supportive learning environment for the child. We were greeted by a small set of swings, some sandy play area and colorful walls (set up according to the theme: Farm animals & Sea life). Once we were inside the school, after exchanging pleasantries with the management, Ms. Imrana Zuhair took us on the school tour. She told us how do they usually go about the day with these kids. Usually a word or a number or a shape is focused. Mutually decided theme is followed and the activities are setup around that. She showed us some handmade stuff to aid learning (fruits, alphabets, numbers) which was made by the teachers and staff.

Apart from the classes, there’s a Kitchen set up (Just like the doll house) for the kids to bring out their creativity. And no, it’s not restricted to girls only. I love how the basics are being taught, even though playfully, but it was amazing to witness such dedication put into making everything very affective for the children’s development and education. At the upper portion, we saw a hall with lots of books available to read. “The kids are too young to read”, one of us mentioned. On which, Ms. Imrana told us that it doesn’t matter. The kids would flick around the pages just to see shapes and colors and pictures but the point is that they’re inculcating reading habit in these young minds. Importance of reading can never be ignored. Oh how I delighted I was to see this area! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Yeah, we all know that. Therefore, the school keeps Fridays as fun day for an hour where children get to see their favorite cartoon (from the selected educational fun cartoon videos) under supervision of their teachers.

I had an amazing experience and I wished to go back in school time. These early years are very crucial for a child’s learning. The brain is developing very fast and picking up things and we are adapting to habits. Who wouldn’t love such a good environment which promotes learning and creativity? I would not expect anything less from the trio whose experience is more than 20 years in this field. The day concluded with some more discussions with Ms. Yasmin Zaman, the owner, who also teaches at the school. Her enthusiasm could be seen from the way she told us the stories. We were also told that these children are usually inducted when they’re toddlers. Hence the class name, Mothers & Toddlers (for the age group 10-17 Months). Then they also have a Playgroup class for kids who are 1.6 years to 2.2 years of age. And lastly, the 3rd grade has kids who are 2.3 years to 3.4 years of age.

Overall, I learned a lot about the way kids are taught at YLP. They follow on of the educational approaches called “Active Participatory Learning”. In this program, the focus is on 3 basic developments, 1) Social and Emotional Learning, 2) Physical Development & 3) Cognitive Development. At the school, I witnessed all these incorporated in their daily activities. I really hope other educational institutes follow the same procedure and not promote root learning from such a young age. Let them show their creativity, let the kids explore and learn.

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