Food Review: Zaoq Restaurant

I went to the launch of Zaoq Restaurant in Dolmen Mall Clifton (located at the side of Del Frio booth – Food court). Ambience is pretty good and warm with cream colored furniture with a wooden touch. Okay let’s talk about food now.

1) We tried BBQ platter. Mutton Kababs, Malai Seekh Kabab & Chicken Dum Seekh (Tikka in simple terms). Everything tasted good and was well cooked.

2) Then there was Chicken Handi which had a really different taste to it. I am not sure about the name, it was either Murgh Naulakha or Darbar Murgh. Anyway, the star of the evening for me was Hyderabadi Mutton. Boneless mutton in tomato gravy was cooked to perfection.

3) There was Biryani too (but looked like a pulao). It tasted good but as a Karachiite I felt weird on calling it a biryani lol. The reason is that their Chef is from Doha (Qatar) so I’d give them some room to rename that dish but if I could I’d hire that chef to give me an ultimate supply of that mutton dish. Definitely a must try! 😌

4) Ending was on a very sweet note with Gulab Jamuns, Jalebi & Gajar ka Halwa. Everything tasted good but Gajar ka Halwa was the best.

Overall, I loved the experience. Zaoq is a place you’d want to visit when you’re feeling fancy but you still want to eat Desi. 🙂 It is very important to mention how the owner (Mr. Ammar, if I remember the name correctly), was serving the guests and took feedback as well. Always good to visit such places & meet such humble people.

Rating: 8.5/10


till next time.. happy eating!❤


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