Off To A Never Ending Journey

When I saw the video and heard the lyrics of Rawaan, I couldn’t decide what I like more. That was the impact it left on me and to many others who witnessed the beauty of Pakistan in just 7 minutes. Everything from the music to video is beautifully stitched together to create a masterpiece. A pleasure for sore eyes, such thirst quenching scenes that you would remain speechless for a while.

Directed by none other than the guy who knows the art of story telling in commercials, this one is another such creation which will leave you spellbound. In the video, all the provinces have been featured including Gilgit-Baltistan. And not just that, the video was shot for 23 days with the temperatures ranging from 52 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius. There are 5 different languages used in the song itself including Balochi, Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi & Pushto.

Rawaan urges you to see life beyond the horizon you set for yourself. It urges you to explore and find out your identity. The beauty of this video is that for every viewer it will have different connotations exactly like poetry, such is the music and lyrics of this video. The Sufi music engulfed with heavenly scenes would share leave a mark on you. It talks about leaving on a journey to find The One. It shows how we are on a never ending journey. It shows the curiosity of human mind and how very beautifully the story unfolds is for you to witness. Such brilliant work coming from our very own country makes me so proud. It sure reflects the true Pakistan. ❤

To the team behind such brilliant work, thank you for #TelenorRawaan.

Singers: Shani Arshad, Asrar, Zebunnisa Bangash, Akhtar Chanal & Saima Iqbal
Director: Jami


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