#SooperHaiAzadi: the sweet sound of Freedom

Earlier this month, Peek Freans Sooper celebrated Independence day by launching a new TVC which revolved around the idea of Azaadi or “Rhythm of Freedom”, as they call it.

The campaign acknowledges all the individuals who are contributing towards making this country a better place to live. From the man who washes your clothes to the woman who cooks you food. The storyline focuses on the everyday sounds which we otherwise ignore. These beautiful sounds when sewn together made a beautiful melody which you can’t stop admiring. That’s the whole idea of this TVC. Enjoying the sound of Freedom, freedom to do anything in this place which we call home, freedom to do things which make us happy!

The launch event was a small affair with a panel discussion moderated by Umair Jaliawala. One of the main personalities present at the event was Mr. Jahangir Khan – former squash champion, accompanied by the music sensation turned social worker – Shehzad Roy. Lawyer and social activist, Jibran Nisar was also there along with Saba Gul from Popinjay, startup featuring work from rural areas of the country. It was interesting to hear aspiring stories from these four personalities who have contributed back to the community in their own special way. They shared their struggle stories and how they never lost hope in the country and in its people.

Later on, Adnan Bajawa – Brand Manager Sooper and Sadia Naveed – Managing Director EBM shared a word with the audience. They shared how Sooper has planned to travel across the country and pay a Sooper Salam to over 20,000 individuals to acknowledge their services to Pakistan.

The TVC is up and has been running on different channels. Different on-ground activities have been going on throughout the month as well as integrated digital engagements have been part of the campaign. All in all, I’d say it was great to witness such work which beautifully depicts us as a hard working nation which stands united no matter what, the nation which knows the true value of freedom and cherishes it. If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the Facebook link where the video has already crossed 2.8 million views!

Here are some pictures from the #SooperHaiAzadi launch event which was covered by media and bloggers.


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