7 Things To Do When Your Internet Is Down

The world has come to an end. Well.. almost! Now that the internet is down, you don’t have anything else to do? Worry not, my child. We all face such situations on daily basis and I’ve just the right solutions for you. Go on.. keep reading! 🙂

1.Clean up your rooms and drawers


Let’s face it. Your room is a mess and there won’t be a better time to clean it up now that you have a break from internet. You might as well find that favorite shirt beneath that pile of junk, you never know! 😉

2. Go out, feel the sunshine (& curse the internet provider another 100 times)


Yes, go out. Feel good about yourself. Let the sunshine bring out the best in you. It’s time to slow down and notice things. Sorry, what? You live in Karachi? Lahore? Ohhh. Nevermind!

3. Paint your feelings (MS Paint or better yet, buy a Canvas)


Unleash the artist inside you. You might as well be the next Picasso (I am clearly not). No better time to pick up a hobby; be it reading, painting or any writing. Sorry, PokemonGo is really not an option when your internet is down. Tough luck, bro!

4. Take pictures of your pets (cat/dog) & upload later


It’s time to make that bond strong with your pets. Get them cute props ’cause it’s photo shoot time. Just Puuurrrrfect! Not a pet person?? Oh shucks!

5. Think about the meaning of life (Try not to get depressed)

Finally. Some good time for yourself. Let’s sit and reflect on everything which has happened, about the meaning of life, where we are headed to. And while you’re at it, try not to get depressed.

6. Call your Internet provider and shout at him at the top of your lungs

Angry, desperate woman screaming

Let the frustration get out. Stop holding in. Call that !@#$%^ and shout at the top of your lungs. Make him face the music. Go crazy. I repeat, GO BATSHIT CRAZYYY!

7. Switch to a better Internet service provider


Yessssss. If you don’t want to do all the crazy things then get Storm Fiber for an endless connectivity. There’s no time to face the world or do the unnecessary bonding. Let’s get back to the virtual world because why not! ❤ (Check package details here).

So what do you usually do when your internet is down or out? Let me know in the comments below. 


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