Food Review: Hi-tea at Flemish

We went to Flemish the other day to try their English Tea Menu. Starting from the place and setting, it gives you a very good feeling. After we were seated, Mr. Ali the manager came and told us about the new hi-tea menu (it didn’t need any convincing because we were there to try the same lol).

After around 15 minutes, the platter was served along with the tea in a pot (it was more than 2 cups!!!!). The table started to look so beautiful, I didn’t feel like messing it for a while. Anyway after the pictures were taken, we tried all the delicacies.

We asked for sauces on the side. Chilli oil & Ketchup was served. I’d suggest to add 1/2 more sauces.

Here’s what was on the menu:

1. Flatbread pizza was the star. Eat it while it’s hot.
2. Finger sandwiches (Chicken & Artichoke with cheese). Loved these.
3. Chicken wings were crispy and I loved the taste. Not overly done.
4. Chicken wontons were okay. Add tabasco for flavor.
5. Bruschetta was good with flavors of fresh tomatoes & basil!
6. Quesadillas were filled with chicken & cheese. I’d not mind some more cheese filling though. Tasted a little bland to me.
7. Chocolate mousse was spot on. Star of the desserts!
8. Chocolate brownies were bite sized and paired very nicely with the tea. Not too much sweet so that’s a plus!
9. I love fresh fruits over pavlova. This one had blueberry sauce. Not bad for a change of flavors. For me, dessert is always the chocolate 🙈
10. Not to forget, all this comes with a pot of tea for Rs. 1300 for 2 persons.

We loved the hi-tea. Almost finished everything minus the pizza (1 pc leftover).
I’d definitely go there again 😌✌🏼️

(Needless to say, I fell in love with their crockery and ambience. Very soothing!)

Rating: 8/10 ❤

till next time.. happy eating! 🙂


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