Dolmen Mall celebrates Independence Day with Enthusiasm

Dolmen Mall has become a go-to place when there is any celebration expected. Be it a random celebration or events like Mother’s day, Valentine’s day or Independence day. They are always coming up with something new and fun. This independence  day, they didn’t just excelled with the brilliant decoration inside the mall which looked like nothing less than a city on it’s own, but they pulled off festivities at all the 3 malls present in Karachi. Such zeal and enthusiasm could be seen at every setting which was done to celebrate the independence day. The place lit beautifully in green and white colorful lights, banners and flags. You could see settings of different monuments from across the country and live mural. Some of  the guards were especially dressed for the occasion and greeted people with same zeal and patriotism. And if that wasn’t overwhelming already, a Chai Wala dhaba was set up at the ground while Folk music was blaring in the background. There were stalls selling badges, flags & other patriotic merchandise.

I knew they would outdid themselves! I was there last year (in 2015) and i attended the Azaadi celebrations and cake cutting ceremony. The place was full of people, national anthem was in the air and you could feel the patriotism everywhere! Needless to say, they did a great job this time too. Instead of 1 day celebration, a 3 day event was carried out starting from August 12th and on August 14th the footfall at the mall was so huge that they had to close down admissions even before 12am! Sounds of Kolachi performed at Dolmen Clifton Mall, Noori performed at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road. Later on, the crowd sang National Anthem at 12am amidst a shower of confetti.

The same concept of owning this country was seen on their  social media. “Dolmen loves Pakistan” was reflected from #HamariPehchan hashtag which was further seeded by the online audience. I was glad to see the hashtag not being brand centric unlike many other brands. It was all about emotions and owning your identity. Many competitions were run online to encourage the participation in Azadi celebrations.

Kudos to Dolmen Mall for being consistent with their engagement activities both online and offline. They never cease to disappoint us. No wonder it’s amongst the most favorite hangout places of Karachiites!


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