Dawood Foundation Makes Summer Camp Fun For All

Summer camps used to be fun. I still remember how we would learn and engage in different activities which otherwise during regular school days, we could not. It was the idea of having fun with fellow children that always got me excited. And as I grew up, I realized the reason why I started liking Summer camps was because of the way we were learning things. It was an informal set-up, there was creativity all around and most of all we were learning and yet having fun. Nothing boosts a kid’s confidence level than such interactive sessions. A lot of potential is unleashed during such sessions and I strongly believe parents should send their kids to Summer camps to have experience of their lifetime while enjoying Summer at its most.

I am an advocate for such learning experience for our young generation and I can’t help to think about the kids who cannot afford such schools. Especially the kids who either go to government schools, which hardly compensate for the regular days, and the street kids who never even got any exposure of such learning centres. Quite recently, I was invited by Dawood Foundation to witness their 2 week Summer Camp which they have set up for 100 children. I was surprisingly pleased to see so many children from different backgrounds.

I was intrigued to know the idea behind this camp and what made this happen. Upon further probing, I got to know that those 100 children comprises of students from Rahat-e-Islami School (adopted by TDF), children of support staff at TDF Head Office and DPS, along with street children from Old Sabzi Mandi area – divided into two age groups of 5-10 years and 11-14 years.

Speaking about this extraordinary initiative, Syed Fasihuddin Biyabani, General Manager, TDF said: “We believe that imparting education to this segment of our society would help us in bringing positive social change. Through this summer camp, our teachers and staff are dedicatedly inculcating learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills among these children. In this way, we are able to amplify their self-confidence.”

The camp includes activities pertaining to the fields of Science, English, Arts & Crafts, Computers and Music amongst others. There’s a proper Computer Lab to teach basic stuff to the kids. Most of them love to use Ms. Paint (where they let out their inner artist) and MS office. Needless to say, kids enjoy computer session the most as it is more fun and experimenting for them. Experiential learning is a great tool to impart knowledge. Whereas Science sessions let them experiment with real life objects. Such things do keep their attention while the little stars digest all the new imparted information.

Apart from indulging in educational activities, the kids are also being taught moral and ethical values through interactive videos. For better physical and mental development, they are also engaged in delightful indoor games throughout the session. The summer camp is absolutely free of cost and provides free pick & drop facility, lunch, stationery and art supplies to all the students.


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