#FoodiesWithoutBorders: 7up knows the true Foodie call!

7UP staying true to its Food ka Love recently held one amazing Foodie event in Lahore. Remember all those Karachi Eat and Lahore Eat festivals? Needless to say, our love for food rise above everything else. Taking the hints from these festivals, 7up decided to surprise foodies by hosting an event itself. So how did it look such fun, you ask? Well. The idea was to bring all the foodies together and the highlight of the event was bringing original dishes from the 3 cities: Karachi, Peshawar & Lahore.

Initially even I thought what taste it would bring if you just bring the dishes and let Lahori chefs cook the food. Then I realized what amazing thing 7up pulled off. They flew all the famous food vendors from Karachi & Peshawar to the city where the event was to be held which is Lahore. No kidding! Be it Liaquatabad Pani Puri/Dahi baray walay, 7up Limca walay, Karachi Haleem or the very famous Burns Road Bun Kabab, all the food vendors were flown to Lahore so the originality of the dishes remained intact. How cool is that? 😀 Not just Karachi food vendors, among many others Peshawari Charsi Tikka, Allahuddin Chappli Kabab were also present from Peshawar. The event was bound to be called a Foodie heaven. 7up truly created a platform for #FoodiesWithoutBorders. No more fights over whose dish is the best when they can devour it all. Only thinking about the event has got me all salivating lol.

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Not just the excitement of food, but the presence of different foodies got the event all rocking. Everyone from different walks of life was present. TV actors, Models, VJs and Bloggers were among the foodie gang.

Apart from the celebrities roaming around at different stalls, there were people from media field who came together for the love of food. So at one stall, you could see Cybil devouring the Karachi biryani while at the other Ahmed Butt could be gobbling down those Lahori Chikkar Chanay! 😀 Everything from the set-up to the music was very traditional. Desi food and desi instrumental from Sindh, Punjab and KPK added to the night’s glamour. Throughout the event, the instrumentals were done by the band Khumariyaan and boy what an amazing job they did!

I love how brands create emotional connections with the consumers and not just sell their products in their faces. 7up knows how to link with people, foodies in this case. 7up knows just exactly when it would be needed. I am sure the people who get to attend had an amazing experience because going through the pictures and videos made me all hungry so while I go and get some Biryani with 7up, you can have a look at this video:


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