#MarhamBano: An advice could save many lives

Marham is a platform which connects patients with doctors. These doctors are recommended by people who are community members of Marham. Basically, the idea is to make a wide community with patients and doctors. Patients share their real life experience and suggest the doctors accordingly.

As somebody who is very cynical about medicines, this platform is indeed like a blessing. Before I share my experience, It is important for me to share with you all that I even google medicine names which my doctor recommends me. That’s right! And not just any doctor, this is my family doctor who knows me and my medical history since I was a kid. So whenever I go to his clinic, his first question is always “Where are you working these days?” And he’d smile and I’d wave if he’s attending a patient and I pop up out of nowhere lol. Oh and most of the times, we negotiate on the medicines he give me lol. So we argue over Augmentin and Azomax (I’m #TeamAzomax). Anyway, so that’s how my history is with my cutie oldie doctor who is an amazing person!

My Experience

I come from the family where majority of the elders have diabetes. And you know how it goes with the careless bunch, right? Sometimes you get your foot broken or go bonkers over sweets. So time to time, we need to visit different doctors, sometimes for mom and sometimes for nani (my grandmom). That’s where I always end up googling about different doctors (like Rheumatologist for example). And I did google, found a doctor and took mom to Liaquat National. Luckily, the experience wasn’t too bad and the fluke worked. But that doesn’t work all the time. This next time when she complained about her heart giving weird vibes and she had to run into an emergency at Karachi heart hospital, where the doctors recommended her to get admitted. However, being the tough super mom she is, she skipped that part. Later, when I got to know this, I googled again and took her to this Heart Hospital (won’t name it for now). I would not name the doctor, but he was an idiot. Little did he know about the history, he directly suggested her some depression pills without asking the history or checking her properly. I mean, the doctor didn’t had any instruments either and he was least bothered.

That’s when I realized that google doesn’t always help ’cause I would need a person’s advice and only experienced person from the local community could recommend me the best place to go. That’s when I decided to finally use the Marham application (amazingly, it’s available on Web + on Mobile for both Android and iOS). Plus, apart from finding the doctors who are in my locality or in the city, there’s this Facebook Group of Marham where people could directly post the questions and take recommendation from other members. The app also allows you to search and even book an appointment with doctors, making life easier than ever!

If you have not yet checked out the app yet, I’d recommend you do it once. Do not ever delay visiting doctors or specialists, I know we all get lazy but it’s better to tend to emergencies and not let the bad things grow on us which might affect our daily lives. We all love to share our experiences with people around us, so let’s contribute towards a healthier community! ❤




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