5 Days Food Journey #MadeEasy with National

It all started when a bunch of foodies met Chef Saadat at the launch of #MadeEasy Portal and Application (available on iOS and Android both) by National Foods. Event had a live cooking session by Chef Saadat and we also learned many cooking tips as well. And not only just that, we got to try whatever Chef Saadat made. Here’s what he had to say:

Anyway, so the event was very engaging and informative as we got to know more about the Made Easy app. A lot of people from the audience asked many questions from the Chef and some kitchen secrets were revealed too ;). All the bloggers/foodies got this Made Easy recipe book, being the tech savy kids – we easily scanned the codes of the recipes we wanted to try!

So this is what intrigued a bunch of people to go ahead and try making the recipes given on the website. Here goes my 5 day food journey with National Made Easy portal:

Day 1: Beef Biryani (also known as Saloni Biryani)


Mom tried this different recipe of making a Beef Biryani using Bombay Biryani Masala and everyone loved the outcome.


Day 2: Tawa Chicken

As I am not into cooking, I let mom experiment with most of the recipes. Yes, I did help her in choosing them and then later on taste testing was done by me too. :p

This was the recipe we choose together off the Made Easy recipe portal. A little modification was done on our side, we didn’t add tomatoes & onions and kept it mostly dry to give it the BBQ feel.



Day 3: Mint Lemonade & Peri Bites


So for this particular recipe, I decided to stop being my lazy self and move out from my comfort zone. That’s when I headed to the kitchen and did all the preps for Peri Bites so that I could freeze them and make them right before Iftar. This is the video which I followed:

And here’s all the dirty work which I did at middle of the night lol. Since I am usually up till Sehri, I thought why not give it a try. I did all the preparations and freeze these. Then before iftar time, I fried these and served with Mint Lemonade.

For Mint Lemonade, I use the exact same recipe given at MadeEasy Mobile App. I usually like roasted cumin flavor in my green drinks but if you don’t like the taste, you can totally subtract that. So yes, modify your drink according to your flavor and you’ll love the results!13499479_10157095250165215_1805677492_o.jpg

Day 4: Kaleeji + Double Trouble

Okay so this time mom decided to twist the recipe a bit. She made Kaleeji using this Chatpati Recipe. It was a like flavors exploding in my mouth when I tasted it. Perfect spices used without making it bitter or leaving it tasteless. Even the gravy (she likes to keep it a little watery) was so good that I had with Chapaati as well.

So yum! Here’s how it looked:


And since I wanted to help around too, so I decided to mix together two different flavors of Fruitily and see if the experiment worked, and gladly it did work! 😀 So apparently when you mix Orange and Peach flavor of Fruitily together, it becomes a magical drink which is not too sour and not too sweet. Just don’t forget to add 2 tbsp sugar! ❤

Day 5: Ending on a sweet note, Sewaiyyan

And finally to end this amazing journey of food, mom and I decided that there should definitely be a meetha. So we had a debate over what should be made. I was all up for Chocolate Custard (the newly introduced one) but then mom asked me to do the experiment some other time ’cause she wanted something desi. That’s when she ended up cooking Siwaiyyan. 🙂 Once again, mom added less milk because we eat somewhat dry sewaiyyan. You are free to follow the exact recipe or do your modifications. Here’s how it looked and needless to say, tasted pretty good too. ❤



Okay folks, I hope you enjoyed my choice of recipes. I thoroughly enjoyed this delicious kitchen experiment and so did mom. If you want to check out the recipes at #MadeEasy, just click on the recipe name mentioned day wise. I made it easier for you guys! Drop me if you have any questions or queries regarding the recipes. ❤


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