‘Tis the shopping season but don’t forget the discounts!

It’s almost mid Ramazan and I’m sure half of you must have been done with their Eid Shopping by now & the other half is probably going mad over their tailors or running towards their nearest mall/exhibition to buy some nice Eid clothes. I usually get done with my clothes shopping very early (sometimes even before Ramazan) ’cause I cannot go and run around during Ramazan. So what’s there to worry about, you ask? Well. Clothes. Bags. Accessories. Shoes. All done. But Makeup? Yes. We tend to cater these beauty needs a little later after clothes shopping. Since It’s the season, I thought I should share this amazing discount deal going on at Makeup City nationwide which sounds like a stealer to me at least!

Before I share what is it exactly, let me tell you. I am somebody who is not a makeup fanatic but I love to focus on self grooming. Therefore, I have few selected favorites which I usually use (Remind me to do the blogpost about that later on ;)). So, to avoid any rush and hectic back to back runs, I usually prefer going to one place and buying all my make-up basics. Thank God that I am a Karachiite, ’cause Dolmen Mall is like my go-to place for every Shopping need. And yes, I usually go to Makeup City located at the Clifton Dolmen Mall. Don’t you feel bad about it if you don’t live in my city because Makeup City is located in almost 11 cities nationwide, click here and check the closest one to your place.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to get your discounts. Here’s how to avail these:

a) Shop for Rs. 2000 or above, save the picture below, show this while checking out & get Rs. 200 cash back on the spot. Yayyy!

b) SMS “MakeupCity” to 8833 (Costs Rs. 5/text in case you’re wondering lol), Get 10% discounts on all the makeup products as well as 50% discounts on overall makeovers.


In case you’re wondering what did I get, here’s what I got from Makeup City:


So I know these are all Sweet Touch products (btw, Sweet Touch England is now Sweet Touch London – some major rebranding going on and expect the new packaging to be more sleek and sexy) but you can get many other brands like Kryolan, Framesi, Just For Men, Janseen, St. Ives,Suave and Femina. One thing is for sure, they all are 100% original. And if you #WakeupForMakeup then Makeup City should definitely be your second home haha.

Feast your eyes on these while I go and try ’em! (Details about each product in a later post <3)


A little teaser for you guys ❤

Till next time.. 😉


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