Pepsi is #LightingUpLives once again!

According to a survey conducted two years ago, 30 million Pakistanis in different areas of Pakistan were living without electricity. This made up around 30,000 villages approximately. Now, imagine a basic necessity like Electricity which helps us in so many ways in our daily activities. From providing us cold water to keeping us up to date through Television sets, from letting us do the basic house chores to reading our favorite book in a lit up environment. These people do not lead a very lavish lifestyle like we do in this part of the country but have you wondered how life would be for these families and children who are bound to stay in darkness all night. It is such a hindrance to even get done with any task at night because they have old school lanterns and candles.

Now when I stumbled upon this video last year, I was overjoyed with excitement that the kids and families will finally have some light in their villages. They will finally get to read again, the mothers would be able to do their routine work easily. And so on and so forth. Pepsi wonderfully integrated the spirit of Ramzan even last year by donating Rs. 1 off every bottle of 1.75 Litre sold which contributed towards these lights for the villages. The campaign was very well received last year and it is back here again to continue spreading smiles and brightening our future.

I am sure you must have heard about Master Ayub? The man who has been a teacher to so many children for over 20 years now. He teaches children at street or anyone who would be willing to learn. He would keep classes daily and teach them throughout the day and all this hard work for no monetary reward. He just feels responsible and want these kids to do something better when they grow up. Pepsi realized his efforts and joined hands in providing lights to the kids who would come to an open air school which Master Ayub set up for these kids.

I believe we all need to come forward and play our part in strengthening backbone of our country, for these kids are our future and we need to save them today to save our tomorrow.

This was one example of a village where Pepsi has been #LightingUpLives. Another example is from Thar where Pepsi has empowered women. See for yourself here:

I love how the overall aura is felt throughout the video. The overall message with such a beautiful audio by Abida Parveen is bound to hit the bulls eye. Especially seeing how Hamza Ali Abbasi is also on board, I think his personality goes very well with the cause here and the celebrity endorsements would only bring more awareness for the overall campaign. Kudos to Pepsi for #LightingUpLives!



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