McDonald’s Open Door: How do they do it?

McDonald’s Open Door campaign started last year in Pakistan. As the fast food chain gained more popularity, the company deemed fit to introduce the globally acknowledged Open Door Kitchen program for its consumers. For the very reason, McDonald’s Pakistan hosted its Open Door Kitchen Tour at their Sea view branch. The guests consisted of celebrities, socialites and bloggers.

As a consumer myself, I get curious about how my food is prepared. How the back end working of the kitchen are where my food was made, whether the environment is hygienic or not. How often do they change the oil? Is the meat even properly cooked? So on and so forth.

So when I received invitation from McDonald’s to join them on their Kitchen Tour day, I couldn’t hide my excitement. One reason why I was more curious about this particular visit was my fascination with their amazing French fries. No one can beat that flavor, that perfect color, every time I go to McDonald’s. Being a Marketing student, I have studied back in my academic years about the processes which are universal at all the McDonald’s franchises hence the uniformity in their taste. However, I wanted to witness it myself how much true they are to their SOPs.

Upon reaching at the designated time, I was welcomed by the McDonald’s team. I spotted many familiar faces from the blogging world along with celebrities and media people. We were sent to the kitchen in the batches of 5-6. As the kitchen was very much operational for general public, this helped them in running their operations smoothly. I still applaud McDonald’s for such great efforts in managing both the things simultaneously. I was in the second batch and when my turn came, we were toured and showed the freezer area where the raw material (burgers/buns/nuggets etc) are kept in a very cool and clean environment. We were also taken to different stations where frying took place. We were also told about how frequently the Oil was changed for frying and how do they measure it’s time to change it. Last part was the best. We visited the machines which make Sundaes, Cones and McFlurry. And I got to learn and make my own McFlurry which did not taste too bad.

Overall, it was a great experience to witness all this and I would encourage people who are cautious about their food to drop by and see for yourself. I think other big brands should learn and this should become an industry norm, the open door policy actually increases customer’s trust and would definitely help in increasing consumer loyalty as well. Good work McDonald’s!

(Click here and register to book a Kitchen Tour)

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