#PoliceKoJanain: An Interactive Session with Experts

#PoliceKoJanain is an initiative by National Police Bureau to create awareness about the rights of a common man and to create a dialogue between both civilians and the security personnel which could help both in future. There are total 12 departments including Sindh Police, KPK Police, FC Police, Punjab Police which fall under the jurisdiction of National Police Bureau in Pakistan.

When I heard that a panel of Lawyers and Analysts would be joining at a live Twitter Chat initiated by Police, i was a little skeptical because I had not thought about them going digital and even encouraging feedback from general public. However, once the interaction started and the questions started pouring in at the designed hashtag #PoliceKoJanain, I got more curious. Needless to say, I joined the chat too as I had a lot of unanswered questions like many other people.

Seeing at how actively people engaged in the discussions, I believe the official Twitter team of Police Department should carry out such activities on a regular basis so that it helps in creating a positive brand image as well as help build our trust on the department.


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