7UP features Foodies creations on the Billboards

7UP is one of the brands which has always appreciated Foodies. This time again, 7up has come up with a brilliant idea of celebrating Food ka Love. The brand picked up 3 FOODIES who share and embrace the love of food. These foodies would come up with their favorite dishes with the help of Chef Saadat. But that’s not all. Once they prepare their favorite meals and before they devour them with a chilled 7up, they get to prepare the food table. This food table will be featured as a BILLBOARD across the nation. Now, isn’t that cool? Seeing your very own creation up there at different billboards and being appreciated by so many people. WOW!

Before you get more curious, I’d tell you who these 3 lucky FOODIES are. They belong to very different backgrounds and yet they have something in mutual, you guessed it. FOOD KA LOVE!

Foodie # 1 is the talented actress Ayesha Omar, Foodie # 2 is Madiha Hamid who is a Food Blogger at Chefling Tales and Foodie # 3 is Kiran Afzal who is also a Food Blogger and a home-based Chef. I love how 7UP gave these people a chance to showcase their love for food. These women made some brilliant dishes. So what went behind the scenes and how did it go for these 3 foodies you ask? Check out the video here:

This is how the creation looked like. Look out for the billboards around the city and do share what you think about those! 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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