No more wait for the #GreenLight ‘cause 7UP is here!

Remember the good old times when we were kids and we would wait for the signals from our parents to start eating? As nostalgic as it is, we are still as crazier for food as we were as kids. No wonder this recent campaign of 7UP’s Green Light caught my attention.

Let’s be honest. Be it a mouth-watering plate of Afghani boti or a delicious piping hot plate of Karachi wali Biryani. Nothing else pairs better with our desi food than a chilled bottle of 7UP! So when I saw this ad, I could totally relate with it. 7UP is surely the “Green Light” to get all the foodies started. This journey of exploring delicious delicacies or just trying the good old desi dishes can never be completed without having a chilled gulp of 7up with every bite!

I loved how 7up celebrated Food ka love with their previous campaigns. And how this one enforces the same idea “Mana Lo Food ka Love with 7UP” because 7UP is that Green Light which unleashes the foodie inside us haha!

Have you seen the TVC yet? Take a look and you would know what I am taking about.

While the TVC caught attention of a lot of foodies, 7up held a foodie competition on one of the famous food groups Foodies R Us. From 17th May to 25th May, participants posted pictures of their favorite food with an addition of #GreenLight and 7UP. Depending on the creativity and most likes on the pictures, a winner was selected every day. My mouth just watered while these foodies could not stop trying their best to win. Overall, I loved the competition idea. It reminded me of the best dish competition we used to have in our childhood.



I love how #GreenLight has gotten us all ready to devour our favorite meals, be it our home cooked Daal Chawal or the favorite bun kabab wala at the corner of your street. We all want (read: deserve) a chilled 7UP especially in such a hot weather! 😉

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