Dalda Celebrates Mothers of Pakistan

Mothers of Pakistan is a wonderful initiative taken by Dalda Pakistan. Unlike a one time communication, Dalda created a platform where Mothers of Pakistan are celebrated throughout the year for their love and sacrifices. For the very reason, the community was formed before Mother’s Day (which fell on 8th May this year).

A lot of people came forward and shared their messages for their mothers and for all the mothers around the country. This was done in multiple ways. Many people sent it their picture with their moms along with a text message. Some people shared a message through a video.

Along with the usual text and video messages, Dalda shared a number where people called and get their messages recorded for their mothers. Such beautiful OOH was spotted throughout 8 different cities of Pakistan especially in the metros (Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad). There were radio ads, digital engagements and one surprising element was TV. Yes, some of the messages were featured on TV. I am pretty sure people must have been surprised looking at themselves like that.

Dalda joined hands with TCS Sentiments for giveaways. Some of the lucky participants won gift baskets for their Mothers as well. I think this was a sweet gesture from Mothers of Pakistan, Dalda & TCS to celebrate the struggle and never ending love of our Mothers for us. We cannot ever thank them enough but it’s always good to make somebody’s day like that. Even I participated and made a video for my mom. She actually got teary eyed and hugged me 🙂

Posted by Sadiya Azhar on Sunday, May 8, 2016

Needless to say, this is one of my favorite campaigns of the year. For the focus is on building strong connection and not just selling your brand. Dalda truly believes on the tagline “Jahaan Mamta.. Wahaan Dalda”. Good work team!



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