Servis Tyres grips the attention with it’s new TVC

Servis Tyres has always griped everybody’s attention with it’s brilliant performance (on and off track, both). I am sure everyone remembers the old commercial in which Shaan Shahid was featured. But guess what? Servis Tyres has set the standards high for themselves and even for their competitors. This time not one but 2 more stars are featured along with Shaan Shahid!

Take a look at some shots from the latest TVC:

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What I really liked about it’s TVC was instead of showing the random dances like the usual ads these days, a story has been built. The effectiveness of the brand (tyres) in this case has been shown from a fine angle and beautifully sewn in a storyline.

I hope they make this into a series of ads because this could very well be extended into many more stories and I am sure we can never have enough of these handsome boys!

Imagine how well connected this advertisement is to the TA. Young energetic blood, all ready to explore the world, for numerous adventures with a group of friends. A life which is full of excitements and adrenaline rush. Importance of living life to the fullest, loving and making friends.

I personally felt a very strong connection with the TVC. Seeing the beautiful scenery made me want to go on a long trip with my best buddies! With the background score sung by Ali Zafar, his vocals have surely done justice to the complete look & feel of the TVC. Job well done, Servis Tyres & the team. 🙂



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